TransParentSea of Children

Earth Host
and all her mutually codependent
co-arising Earth Tribes
of inclusive cellular regeneration
have continued evolving
new wine in old wineskins
new eggs from old genetic nests,
running on both dipolar Tao-Cylinders,
karmic grace-optimized in Neutral
Midway P=N(NP) as Yang=YinYin,
with fractal 4-Prime Thermodynamic Balance–

Once learned,
never forgotten,
like autonomically riding
a bilaterally reforming function.

Both cylinders
also landscapes and hemispheres
labeled ego-internal-receptor
and eco-external-transposer
by Left brain dominance,
each with its own dipolar temporal-linear string
optimization story,
transgenerative history,
polyculturing as “Beloved Community.”

As Left contracts more climatically
monopolistically self-deductive -reductive
with critical competitive events
and win-lose strategies for ego-survival,
Right expands more cooperatively
abundant wealthy health of values
polyculturally dipolar double-binding eco-norms
for designing and re-developing Plan B cooperative
network of politically power-optimizing economics,
between tribal co-arising parasites
and Host.



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