EcoTherapeutic Earth Wilderness

I was interviewing ecotherapeutic health workers
and ran into one from the Conceptualist School
of Positive Psychology.

While this sounded quite abstractly wonderful,
I asked her for the elevator version.

“Ceptual” derives from “septum”,
a (0)-centric bilateral boundary platform
for “conceptual” as “co-ceptual”
binomial and/or binary syntax field
and flow of language through cultural chronic waves
of evolution
and critical climatic events of revolution.

Conceptualists cognize
“exceptional” as Left-brain ego-centric
and “inceptual” as Right-brain negentropic-autonomic
cellularly ubiquitous intelligence
regenerative ceptual self/other eco-centric therapeutic organic logic.

Behaviors are the forms
of Conceptually Bilateral functions.

like Permaculture Design’s “decomposition”,
is like breathing through cognitive dissonance
with an enthymematic positive clue
from your Elder intuitive con-septum.

Conceptual bicameral consciousness
co-arises binomial cultural/linguistic memory,
exegetical/eisegetical values for truth
and economic balanced optimization trends,
and political justice.

Conceptual ecoconsciousness
co-arises coincidental forms with dual-boundary functions,
natural flows and octave frequencies
of informational strings
in reformational rings
we reiteratively call “life”
as “ego”/eco-consciousness.

Inceptual pre-consciousness
revolves incidental-only septic function,
reverse “ego”-dominatrix
decommodifying flow
toward full eco-bright (0)-centric abundance,
twilightenment co-consciousness,
TransParent Thinker becomes co-passionate co-arising
thought as positive-functional form.

That felt like a really long elevator ride,
but I somehow resonated with where we landed,
it seemed to fit my view of self as Dad
doing the best I can
to retain Zero-Time’s quintessential
bilateral Placeholder-role
in Basic Attendance,
prehending binomial language’s analogical universe
as prime-binary boundary syntax,
dividing posi-nomial vertexial form
from double-negentropic vortexial dipolar functions,
my metric logic equates +P Universe
with -(-P),
with Neg-.50 contraction
as 50% Midway Tipping Point
as Bucky Fuller + Teilhard de Chardin’s
(0)Mega Point.

So, I gave Professor Glory my permaculturalist survey
for ecotherapeutic Continuous Quality Improvement
meeting regenerative outcome
Assurance Standards,

1. When you see and hear and feel this word “crazy”
or “mad”
or “sick”
or “ill”
or “negative trending lack-of-normative organic communication”
do you associate each of these more with

Are you more likely to agree or to disagree with each of the following statements?

2. “Wild” seems more hopeful for the possibility of genius
than does the word “pathology.”

3. I would be surprised if a mental health professional
described herself as a “pathologist”
or “sociopathologist”
rather than a
or even a
“wild ecotherapist.”

4. I would be concerned
if a health professional
did not consider themselves
capable of distinguishing
between “crazy-wild”
as in
not-fully domesticated/commodified/appreciated/valued
as in
pathologically trending toward absence of eco-normative
bio-neural systemic
co-arising organic communication capacity.

5. If my child’s,
my own,
my elderly dependent’s,
cognitive-health physician
were also my financial adviser,
I would hope she would
advise investing in the genius potential
of “wild”ness
wilderness medicinal power and wisdom
emerging from DNA/RNA Left-Right hemispheric
bi-ceptual conceptual consciousness
as dissonance clarification and therapy
through redundant analogicalism as ecologicalism
advise disinvesting in Left-brain contractive-contentious-competitive-dominant
deductive-reductive informating,
Win-Lose ego-centric bias
in gaming and logistic and strategic assumptions
about normative balance;
thereby suboptimizing their eco-centric
self-other optimization
of healthy wealth trends,
accessible thru Left-Right bicameral
dipolar (0)-centered eco-consciousness
of Bilateral SpaceTime
as Binomial Yang/YinYin Tao
wu wei permaculturally climax-oriented balance,
timeless co-arising eternity
as Beloved Community.”

To which she responded
with plethora of double-negative redundancy
and kindness karma
and gracious gift-it-forward eco-normics.

And so EcoTherapeutic Earth and I
co-habitate each day.


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