Ecology of HappyTimes

Ecology of Time
explores resonant rings of sustained health vitality,
a red strong-willed loving heart
pumping Earth’s nutritional wealth
through our circulating and dynamic biosystems,
beautiful minds
with graceful dancing bodies
on pilgrimage through revolving memories
of time’s embryonic ecological balance,
and climatic dissonance,
Earth’s DNA-fueled human natured brain
entrusting Ego’s together recover love’s ecology,
recall incarnate health-life,
revolve cooperative evolutions of Ego’s Sacred Time.

Scientific discovery,
winnowing seeds of healthiest beauty as nutritious truth,
political commitment to cooperative,
and sometimes rather too competitive,
research into time’s primal orbit of healthy light,
warmly co-gravitating evolution’s becoming
EarthTribe’s RNA/DNA EcoLogic
of (0)-Centered ReGenerative Time
for more health assurance research and design,
empirical ecological methods
of interdependent deep learning networks,
conscience rediscovery.

Human eco-norms of DNA encultured time,
nature’s primal rainbow of waving
regenerating octave frequencies,
richly pregnant patterns,
rotating fractal-folding-unfolding liturgical rhythms,
light’s brightly warm transparent
through deadly cold ecology
of deductive nature’s devolving time.

Ecology speaks to balancing biosystems
as poly-tical-eco-norm gospel beauty muses
sing ever deeply into Time’s ReGenesis,
EcoLogos as Amen with Namaste.

Beauty and potentially nutritious beauty
create healthiest truth you might imagine
within each day’s relationships,
those surrounding you already,
family tiers leading out
toward nested clouds of friends,
acquaintances as co-operators,
both political and economic,
nearby birds and ant hills,
trees and flowers and tomatoes,
rivers of water,
organic gardens of Earth,
windscent of temperate air,
climate photosynthesis fueling revolutionary fire,
embryonic cold dark winters of discontented hibernation,
wet and sun drenched springs
of cooperative co-arising days and nights,
summers of diastatic climaxing Earth as EcoEgoMaturation,
autumnal decomposition toward (0) dualdark Absent Night,
ReGenesis of Earth’s sacred-integral Time,
all friendly voices of healthy logos resonance
surrounded by toxic pathos dissonance,
long-term suboptimizing EcoLogos fulfillment,
Ego’s potentiating HealthTime.

Tao’s (0)-soul EcoLogos
of BiLaterally Balanced PolyCultural Time,
writing primers for co-arising dancing languages
speaking bountiful truths of EarthTribe Love,
as what remains after removing dualdark Ego’s
attachments to angry memories
and aversions to futurefears
of death without bilaterally incarnate EcoLogos Time.


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