The FeelGood Rally

A difference between co-dependent feel-good rallies
and interdependent revolutions
is also the difference
between Negative LoseLose bipolarity
and Positive WinWin Energy,
dipolar co-arising.

CoDependency is a double-binding
tolerance of addictive mendacity
sharing common grounds of fear and anger and hate
with corresponding lack of freedom’s non-violent gratitude
further imprisoning future LoseLose lack of love relationship,
golden rule hearing
golden invitation speaking
WinWin fullness of integrity,
multicultural interdependency,
our own secular and sacred Original Intent
as we each continue to emerge
from healthy-wealth
of matriarchal co-operative incubating wombs
mentoring interdependent democratic maturity.

A codependent rally
is not the advertised interdependent revolution.


Great White Father

About those anti-BadNewsMedia rallies
while our SouthWest is burning
and while our SouthEast is flooding
and wet windstorm conflagrating,
feeling the flamed-up wrath
of an angry EarthGoddess,

Why do you plant and nurture hate
and anger
against potential WinWin integral communicators?

Did it not once occur to you
to wonder why you chose to be elected
in this climate precarious time?

Why are you like BadNews zealously mendacious Saul
when we so obviously need a more integrated St. Paul?
Filled and overflowing with healthy integrity,
Holy Matriarchal Spirit-Nature.

Your mockery
and tongue-lashing
and transparent ego-promotion
will not help one child
recall what a great job you did
while made in U.S. of A. family homes
and forests are burning
longer and stronger
every devolutionary decade.

Your egotism
and anthropocentrism
further inflame climate disasters
and absence of accessible health care,
cooperatively given as received,
and healthy wealth of economic and politically reasonable reassurance
that, together,
as a healthy bicameral democracy,
we can rebuild this co-dominating
co-operative constitutional
integrity we so redemptively WinWin need

We need to gather to heal Earth’s climates,
not to destroy them
with bad attitude and vilifying pathologies
rather than gratitude and health-wealth celebrations
to restore justice and invite cooperatively owned peace
into ego/eco-centered green health hearts
and wealth societies
reforesting our WinLose deserts,

resolve our storming desserts
for past hubris
of Great White Fathers
demanding missionary colonization
inflaming idolatrous hate
rather than inviting
our seas to still
our surviving trees to witness our worship.

One difference between you
and Barack Hussein
I notice you never mention:

You look at historical outcomes
for nature/spirit WinWin Native Americans
and gleefully declare
“They lost!”
Barack recalls those same disempowering outcomes
and sadly, yet more patriotically, notes
“We all lost.”

I wonder if the burning homes
and trees
can hear that terrifying empathic difference
for future integrity
of a mental and physical
mind and body
spiritual and natural healthy democracy.


Each as Every EarthDay CoOperative

in the NorthWestern Hemisphere,
each Earth Day’s EgoCenter
includes a Bicycle Warrior for True EcoLogic,

in South and Eastern Hemispheres,
each Earth Day and Full GrandMother Moon
Allah-Brahman Night of Tao,
includes a Bodhisattva ZenWarrior
of Beauteous EcoJustice Fire
through DualDark TransParent EnLightenment,

Then Earth Day Ego
sees and smells and tastes nutrition
through bicameral 20/20,
LeftYang to Right YinFractal-SquareRooted (0)
DiPolar ReGenerative Syntax RNA through DNA History of Enculturation,
ThermoDynamic Balance Function,
BiLateral DiaStatic WaveLinear CoArising Forms,
BlackHole DualDark TaoCenter
of (0)Riginal thru (0)Mega Point through Time
revolving Earth’s Universal EcoCenter PermaCulturation,
ReGenerating Space
as Earth’s EcoPlace
in CoGravitational Time.

We want to be happier,
feel self-optimizing,
fill life, but not over-fill to death,
as we step into Earth’s Daily Reality,
as we deflate our EgoAnger Fear,
dissonating memories.

Our cooperative DNA research
reveals a realistically positive attitude
and eco-founded optimism,
along with some acceptance of dissonance
as not merely dysfunctional.
with ego-learning logical merit
to help us accomplish great loves
in all polypaths
of shared EarthTribe ReGenerative Daily Life.

What we still do not know,
yet hope is true and beautiful and healthy,
Why do our day-to-day decisions
co-determine how each Ego navigates through great transition points,
why identity co-evolves through and beyond
each EgoRelational Life?

What if DNA/RNA Solidarity
lives even another thousand years of Earth Days?
Reincarnating fresh mindbodies
possessing, owning, claiming,
proclaiming permacultured memories
of this (0)-EgoCenter we are collectively becoming,
back in this PostMillennial Network Era,
and on back through (0) EcoCenter of BiLateral Time,
CoArising-CoGravitating Light,
(0) Black Hole Tao
DualDark TransParent WinWin
ReConnecting Time,

Eternally copresent
in each Earth organic, full-composted, Day,
and Night,
and CoRevolving Year of EarthDay Gratitude.

If another thousand Earth Day years,
re-membering each other
at our lovely healthiest best,
why not a million,
why not eternal self-perpetuating climaxing permaculturing polycultural polypathic polynomial balanced
eternal ecoconsciousness
of TaoLight?
Time’s sacred ProGenitor,
Open Systemic Network
CoArising each DiPolar NonDual EarthDay Event.

Earth Day,
emerging from red dawns
resonating through red dusk
rich healthy eco-centered moonlit Earth Nights,
ruled by Bicycle Balancing Bodhisattva EcoWarriors.

To live each day as if (0)-centric eternal
is to love EarthDay’s co-emerging plans,
while consulting with one’s most delighted
cooperative Ego
as self-other relational-co-operative-co-incidental-co-arising-co-gravitating-co-enfolding identity.

Any day that feels more confined by fear and anger
than refined by love
as healthy desire for ecoconscious contentment
for Ego as for each EcoCentered Other,
is another day invested
in learning what Earth Day means
by resolving love your enemies,
to know and respect Ego’s fear and anger nemeses,
contentious boulders
along Earth Day’s Tao River
flowing abundantly revolving YangLeft-YinRight Temporal-Neural Time.


Primary Operas

All conversations,
like harmonic music,
practice rhetoric’s resonant enculturation
with mutual enculturation hope,
sometimes even love.

All evolutionary integrational spirals
practice nurturing encultured healthy trends
with spirited hope, intent, faith;
and within great evolution’s transitional climatic revolutions,
often even love.

All nutritional recycling events,
divinely humane co- as eco-repurposers,
nurture open-loop polyculturing regenerations,
emerging healthy local through global hope,
positive political intent,
economic cooperative faith;
and, PostMillennially,
balanced nurturing permacultural love
of organic nested root system landscape development networks,
both on- and off-line,
with arts and craftsy ZeroEgo Optimization Zones.

All discernment practic’s languaged enculturation,
with enculturing hope, active love,
faith in Gandhian wealth of nondually co-arising healthy JudeoChristian ZenTao outcomes.

All prime information strings within networks practice syntax flow
as rhetorically YangPositive AND YinYin double-negative
temporally and neurally aptic,
mutually inductive dipolar bicameral function,
with hope for less noise as dissonance
and pathological absence of primal Left-Right communication.

All love practices communication
enculturing healthy faith in wealth of active regeneration,
EgoLeft as EcoEarth’s Right
to live Tao balance proportions of RNA/DNA symmetry,
Tipping MidWay Points of poli-ecological solidarity,
gleaming sunlight’s reflection through Earth’s transparent skin
toward (0)-soul Alpha through Omega Primal Points
ecoconscious bicameral lights
displaying Ego’s big stage for song and dance
rhetorical campaign events,
each interdependent aria
comprising EarthTribe’s Opera.


Shaman Village Green

Dr. Beaver’s welcome to future permacultural processors and generators and administrators.


Enthymematic communication is like endosymbiotic evolution.

They each start with a positive anomaly,

an intuited notice,

building toward a hoped for ecological

and iterative string of harmonious relationship.


Organic systems,

like Earth and Her ecosystems,

Her species,

Her days and seasons of radiant light and dark economies,

are rhetorical fields of potential relationing strings

diastatically enfolding monocultural double-negative boundaries,

binomially inclusive of appositional attitudes and postures,

enthymematic self-regeneration and self-reflection

reiterating positive-trend communication,

information memory strings resonating eisegetical imagination,

coded bicameral icons,

spinning well-purposed right-meaning.


We share external and sometimes more risky internal rhetorical fields,’

exegetical out, eisegetical in.

These can lead to bi-symbiotic species evolutions of paradigms and language,

or polynomially metric universes,

along well-worn channels,

while merging what had seemed impermeable immune systems between paradigms.

Reweaving a diastolic trend,

fusing what was independent side-by-side play and dance and song

into mutual-symbiotic functional relationship.



or intuitive, predicative, adventious communication

begins pilgrimages toward optimized outcomes,

sustained healthy relationships,

contenting justice,

mindful equanimity,

mutually compassionate gratitude.


Permaculture Golden Rule

amply applies to all parties in each rhetorical string,

belong with others

as other generations symbiotically hope to become

with EcoSelf you.


Each life,




unfolds within a rhetorical becoming field

of potential relationships.

Some seeds sprout being-roots,


incarnating in graced polycultures,

nutritionally balanced and enriching soil;

others not so much,

learning through longing.


Yet this nucleic Codex

within each seed

itself (0) Core vectored

and bimetrically strictioned,

grows perfect compost balanced warmth,

harmoniously responding to 4-Based RNA development,


endo-synergenetically poised for inductive overtures

from confluent nutrition streams,

through tender fractal-rooted tendrils

reaching toward optimally confluent success

and resources for optimizing positive relationships.


Within our EarthSelf (0)-symmetrical Universe,

some root systems must be more robust,


indigenously, intuitively adept

toward permacultured wealth deposits,

due to barren soil conditions of birth,

simply to survive.

We call this poverty

and its experience

unfolds on survive toward hopeful thrive margins,

or not;

marginalization from polycultured compost Paradise.


Enthymematically embued, engorged seeds

feed to produce more robust and resilient developmental strings,

(no GMO immunity from regenerative capacity, full-throttled),

branches on Eternal Moment’s incarnating life tree,

(0) souled and summed now moment,

life and place right here,

relationing community

enculturating self-identity,

an ego-informating communication string

branch from permacultured roots,

code, and nutritious soil,

producing flexible and full-hearted

stringionic plant systems that flower and root and seed

new moments,







evolutionary ecologic,

abundancing creation flower,

eco-symbiotically fertilized by grateful synergy

of dissonant need

and positive response

turning toward our sun

for flower’s regeneration seeds,

falling to enrich nutrient soils,

feeding next green generation’s

permacultured revolution

within this universally shared

rhetorically eternal field

of polyculturing strings,



fractal rooted in wealth-seeded,

(0)-sum Win-Win informed

and therapeutically functional soil.


This permaculturing LifeTree

grows up Yang

stretches down Yin

roots longing

to belong to universally polycultured compost,

active peace releases all self-defense

to absorb pacific Earth’s succulent Tao.

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Heron’s Re-Ligioning Response

As Dr. Beaver was so laboriously trying to say, life is a rhetorical field of potential relationship strings, diastatically enfolding, emerging from monocultural boundaries precessively and binomially, as enthymematic self-regenerative communication/information strings, coded and decoded and recoded in our bicameral information processors. There are external and internal rhetorical fields, eisegetical and exegetical. These can lead to endosymbiotic or ectosymbiotic evolution of the species, paradigm, population, or person.

Enthymematic communication outcomes are sustained, healthy relationships, characterized by peace and justice, mindfulness, mutual gratitude and compassion. The Permacultured Golden Rule is amply applied by all parties in these rhetorical re-ligioning string–communities and conversations and cultures. Each life, moment, person, day, unfolds within a rhetorical field of potential relationships. Some seeds sprout roots in confluently permacultured nutrient balanced, and enriched soil, others, well….not so much.

And yet the diastatic Codex within each seed is itself (0) Core vectored and binomially strictioned, 4-Based RNA development responsive, appreciative, endosynergetically poised for enthymematic overtures from confluent nutrition streams, through tender square-rooted tendrils reaching toward optimal positive confluent sources of continuing light. Some root systems must be much more robust, resilient, indigenously, intuitively adept toward permacultured wealth deposits due to barren environmental soil conditions of birth. We call this poverty and its experience as one of living on the margins of survive-to-thrive, or not; marginalization. That’s why all religions advocate that everybody just needs to do the best s/he can and why we expect more of those who have more. ¬†These are reverse views of the same balanced peace and justice standard.

Enthymematically engorged seeds tend to produce more robust and resilient strings of development,

branches on the Eternal Moment’s incarnated Tree of Life;

this moment now,

this life and place here,

that community of relationships over there,

supporting a cultured self-identity,

an individuated info/communication string/branch from permacultured roots,


and nutritious soil,

producing flexible and full-hearted compassion

and mindful string plant-systems



with new moments,




nutritious relationships,



creation of flowered abundance,

ectosymbiotically fertilized by a grateful synergy of need and desire

for flower’s seeds of regeneration,

falling to enrich nutrient soils,

feeding the next generation’s permacultured revolution

within our universally shared

rhetorically eternal

field of synergetic permacultured strings,



cross-rooted in value-seeded,

(0)-soul informed

therapeutically enriched soil.


Finally got to the dirty part….