Psalm to Earth

I love your rich times,
moments stolen from parched yesterdays,
and stern disciplined tomorrows.
I live your warm scent times of leisure
through future’s dark crimes
and climbs
up egocentric ladders.

I miss our deep earth tones,
light prisms of dew drop in color,
our speech for free reign
before we missed racing DNA rhymes
shouting thinthin shared bones
of resonant echoing polystructures.

I know our love tones
our paradise place for free form
flying empathic spacetime
where Earth’s reasons have rhymes,
and three space dimensions
equal one bilateral NOW time.

I love your vast humor
compassion for fools
fearing only to become
ego-deflated fools together,
your red flows rich manna,
free golden embryonic elixir
of regenesis,
thru fools,
not their crowns

I often am reminded
we are far more alike than different,
we all enter and exit
through co-arising ecosystemic host windows
of angry opportunity and fearful risk,
and Tao’s wu wei between.

Yet, I wonder,
as I gaze out at bicameral co-laterally dynamic trees,
organically planted structures,
how far more alike than different
are RNA within racing DNA regenerating
further polyculturing younger branches
and ecoconscious root systems
of healthy ecotherapeutic Time.

The seeds of polycultural eco-revolutionary cooperatives
already embryonically implied
in monocultural ego-dominant enculturation
of nature’s polypathic regenerating diapraxis,
fractal-functions of zero-zen
Time as BiCamerally Balanced Tao,
Universally MultiIntegrative Self-Perpetuation
through MidWay Tipping Point WinWin
CoOperative PolyCultural Optimization.

I love your rich zero-times,
moments stolen from parched dissonant yesterdays,
and climate learning tomorrows.


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