The Best Way To Go

When I was a new seminarian
I had a favorite parish priest mentor
who told me the best way to die
is while having an orgasm.

I wasn’t sure if I could ask
why he was so exclamatory sure
of his nakedly compromising position.
I did not really know him all that well,
although he seemed to be a swell up kind of Father.

Perhaps I looked a bit nervous
because he hastened to reassure me
the reason he is enamored of orgasms,
of diastatic experience,
is because they transcend our language boundaries
between Eros and Agape.

Orgasms are ecstatic climatic events,
warm full-bodied memories
of mindbody interdependence,
of holistic cooperative ecopolitics within
every organ and cell,
muscle and happy little ego-subsystem
groaning out this profoundly universal Yes!
with both LeftBrain audio-visual Eros
and RightBrain universally interdependent
neural-sensory climate of Agape.

I didn’t know what to say to this bicameral-sexual therapy.
But, if this is an option for how to die,
it does sound like the only good one I have ever heard.

So I said that.
And then my mentor suggested I go home
and practice
living that same way.

Note: To Fr. Gary Kennedy, who is not on the Catholic Church’s Great Wall of Shame, yet also not on the Church’s Great Wall of Patriarchal Wisdom, where he might more ecstatically reside. With warm gratitude.


Polypathic Paradigms

The more I read of systematic science and theology
the less logic I find in their continuing distinctions,
their supposed mutual immunity,
their difference without a difference.

They neither have multiculturally defined nor disagreed about point of Origin,
nor evolving destination toward Omega,
nor whether those two might be the same or different
in some temporal way,
nor have we refined nor resolved all evolutionary creation stories in-between.

For me, their respective richness
is found where they most agree.
What science sees as Earth and Heaven’s natures,
religion transcends as Spirit of Intelligent Health.

What Earth reveals as ecologic of natural systems,
the Heavens unveil as ecopolitical multicultural harmonics of con-science.
Religion calls to worship
what polypathic scientists love to adore,
mysteries of dipolar co-arising revolutions,
comprehending new economies of relationship
as never seen to love before.

Eros/Animus/Yang powers co-gravitational evolution
as Agape/Anima/Yin co-arises elational revolution.
DualDark Eros,
secret passions for blissful notnot union with sustained integrity,
Janus face of ecopolitically positive pronomials,
Agapic Resolutions singing resonant anthems of primal reunions,
dancing multicultural rainbows
waving rings and strings of love’s ecological plasmatic climate streams,
co-choreographing evolutions,
conjoining private pilgrimages within larger transpeciating regeneration stories.

Anthrocentric bodies govern erotic/psychotic chemistries
as EarthCentric mind/memories govern agapic/nihilistic,
health/pathology autonomic instincts of DNA/RNA fractal-holonic scriptures,
evolving cooperative/competitively dissonant regenetic languaged consciousness
of scientific-heuristic distinctions between now and next,
with and without experiential difference
tipping/notnot-tipping scales of love v mutual immunity.


Integrity’s Dialects

There is only integrity,
and therefore we are,
and therefore I am

There is only integrity
of and in and for each moment’s potential,
so only integrity as eternal potential,
self-other perpetual regeneration.

There is only ecopolitical integrity for human nature,
so there is only ecological health integrity
for all of Earth’s natures.

Integrity, for humans, behaving with growing ecopolitical maturity,
is regenerative promise,
WinWin potential,
for all Earth’s Tribes,
eco/bio systems.

Integrity? Like synergy?

Yes. Integrity, like active love and karma and grace and synergy.
Integrity, you remember,
integrity of health, happiness, prosperity, beauty, humor
as if we had some Earth-rooted intelligence?
The stuff of national Constitutions for healthy politics,
and internationally cooperative economies
with multicultural ecotherapeutic intent.

Integrity of climate health,
interior landscape yin-within, nondual Elder-Right Brained,
exterior landscaped yang-without, Left Brained dominance of languaged self-as-not-other dual identity consciousness.

Potential for revolutionary polypathic ecopolitical consciousness balance,
bicamerally languaged confluent harmonics stretching dissonant pathologies
into notnot worn-out extinction.

Integrity becomes health
being Integrity’s universal unitarian Tao-potential.

Integrity of EarthTribe’s global DNA preference for co-empathic trust,
aversion to mutually dissonant toxins.

Integrity of regenerating health,
ecopolitical Truth as Beauty,
Animus loving Anima,
Moose Medicine deep listening with Owl Medicine,
Prickly as notnot Gooey (Alan Watts),
Convex-space as Concave implicate bilateral wave-linear primal (0) dimensional relationship within Time (Bucky Fuller with Group Theory’s (0)-soul [=”Core”= “Origin Point”] upgrades),
Yang as notnot dipolar appositional Yin, co-arising and co-gravitating.

So 3-dimensioned Prime Space = 1 bilateral (0)sum dimensional Time=
4D RealTime CoOperative QBit-Octave/BiFractal WinWin Network Design
for integrative health development
synonymous with ReGenesis (0)Zen of TaoBalanced Cooperative-Precessive SpaceTime.

This ReGenesis EcoPolitical Agenda of Earth’s evolution,
yet another political non-party, non-partisan,
multiculturally inclusive across our political spectrum,
combining all paradigms,
syncing areas of expertise and deductive specialization,
across all this vast metaphysical complexity of landscapes,
of languages and dialects as colors,
time as speeding light,
arguing too passionately for integrative comfort of academia,
we already have all information/exformation integrity,
polypathic precedent of DNA-regenerate intelligence,
all Nature’s evidence for cooperatively sustainable evolution through ecological balance,
by merely updating and integrating (0)-sum and ecopolitical-centric
Fullerian Synergy as solar/lunar radiant light-love
fueling Goddess Gaia,
and all Her RNA/DNA Solidarity-Integrity
recreating embryonic Gods and Goddesses,
and all transgenderational colors and organic chemistries in-between
eros and agape
absorbing bad-humored hate,
transubstantiating angry political pasts and their fearful economic futures.

There is only integrity,
and therefore we are organic cooperative integrity,
until we are no more.


Heaven’s HotHouse Humor

It’s not true
that Original Taoist Laotse
did not say
Laughter in response to his teachings
was his outcome indicator of deepest nature-spirit-mystery

It’s not true
that laughter could be disassociated from
agapic bliss
or erotic love.

It’s not true
that laughter can feel any distinction
worthy of a label difference
between erotic bodies and agapic minds,
nor did Laotse.

Where the body’s erotic love and economic terrors lead,
the political mind goes with and as and for and from.

Where mind’s agapic love
and political fears and angers merge,
eco-normic body value-transfers,
willingness to invest and divest,
go with and as and for and from.

How could erotic Yang historical-political nature
ever become separated from Yin’s spiritual-eco-normic agape?
except for decomposing laughter’s cosmic heath insurance issues
and promise of deeply discounted reassurance rates.


The Annual Budget Survey

“What most nourishes
and yet also entices
your active love,
your curiosity invested in achieving highest priority outcomes?
What are your outcome priorities?
Talk about the top of your deep-loving bucket list,
your plans for yourself and your loved ones
during this next year,
and throughout your most regenerate project’s life span.”

OK, so, “beloved community” will stand in for world peace
and globally cooperative political and economic justice
within and between all EarthTribes
and EcoSystems.

“What nourishes, yet entices, about this promise of Beloved Community?
Not only, What is your outcome intention?
But also, How does it co-invest in nutritionally deep and rich health?”

I’m coming up with empathic co-arising eros/agape love,
defined and refined by Buckminster Fuller
as “synergy,”
applied not only to environmental design,
but also to our systemic designs
positively nutritional enhancing,
while pathological toxin reducing,
support networks
evolving still-maturing WinWin issue frameworks,
our paradigmatic synergetic integrating concerns,
while increasingly climatic pathological trends
threaten to unweave the fabric of humane life on Earth,
and even unbind root systemic life within Earth’s healthy skin
and atmosphere,
Her primal matriarchal boundary relationships with ProGenitor Sun,
bilaterally revolving Tao-light
as notnot dualdark night.

I remain curious about how I,
and we,
continue this journey toward our (0)Mega Point
of Beloved Community Enlightenment.

“How and where are you, and perhaps we,
already moving from competitive WinLose
toward synergetically cooperative,
WinWin issue framing
and budgeting,
and co-investment reforms?”

My family and I continue working on planting more positive co-empathic seeds
and thereby decreasing our individual egocentric/anthrocentric,
monoculturally competitive,
weedy internal and external
political and economic relationships.
Less angry and frightening flareups
through more gift-it-forward cooperatively synergetic-empathic trust,
stretching toward trust as sunrise stretches toward sunset.
Acting within good faith,
inclusive permacultural health frameworks.
Speaking without hidden agendas
and with active love
of mutual health,
building Beloved Community.
Planting trees of forests dehydrating weedy played-out competitions
for birthing mutual diurnal baptism by warm fires and clear waters.

“Please submit an implementation schedule with your proposed budget.”

“We will be smelting our global political swords
into cooperative economic planning plowshares,
resolving resonant budgeting priority issues
as regenerative opportunities
to start again
on a more inclusive
transgenerationally past through future,
healthy root planning system.”

“In god as healthy-medicine ecosystems,
with ecologically responsible nutrition budgets
and multisensory planting through harvest deep-learning schedules,
we multiculturally trust.”


Blue Bloods of LovePower

Reading this.
Right now.
Proof you have descended
from an unbroken powerful line
of politically and economically successful

If we define “powerful Elder”
as those who have had political and economic authority over another,
responsibility for at least one or more dependents.

So, with this definition,
parents become political and economic leaders
with mentoring authority and requisite responsibilities
to listen for our healthiest-available nutrients,
to derive our loveliest “doing the best s/he can,
bless her heart” summary revues,
leaving the devils in the details unjudged,
respected as life happens,
especially when you bother to show up,
politically and economically nurturing
those who are to follow your co-mentoring path.

Whether you have had these leadership powers
of economic authority with political responsibility
for healthy socio-economic outcomes,
not just do what I say,
but do as I do,
do as we do, together,
that kind of committed listening love
and authority
and responsibility,
in this incarnation, or not,

reading this
and all others who have read
and will read it,
and this one writing these thoughts with fertile intent,
we all come from a mutually-held unbroken heritage
of political and economic PowerElders.

We each had a birthmother who had a mother
with nurturing embryonic authority
at least during her time of DNA-scripted biosystemic development,
speaking exegetically through natural systemic co-arising dialects,
primally etched in eco-political PowerElders past,
dipolar balanced lineage,
transregenerational power authorities,
transgenderal love responders, absorbers, consumers
transmutational agapic synergists,
transcultural evolutionaries,
co-incarnators of Earth’s SpaceTime Origin Story.

As children and peers and/or parents of ecopolitical leaders,
what do we plan to do,
to co-mentor,
to plan not to do
between this now and when we could theoretically die out,
for lack of willing leaders co-learning shared intelligence.

CoOperator’s Contractual Vows of Loving Synergy,
echoing through premillennial weddings:

I will continue loving to learn about you,
and from you.

I will continue creating our unique mutual regard for each other.

I will continue developing, emerging, with you.

I will always want to grow and die with you;
but I will avoid pushing agendas to grow and die for you,
but not for me too.

I will always stretch my comfort zone half way
toward your equally outstretching comfort zone.

I will do my very best
to always be aware
we are in and of this together,
and we are doing the best we can
with whom we are right now.

I will continue to communicate as truthfully,
richly and deeply,
clearly and wisely,
mindfully yet with good humor—
absence of malignant bad faith,
as possible
in the words I choose
in the way I deliver them
in the way I live
and in the way I deliver my life
into your life.

I am grateful that my Elders are your Elders,
and yours ours;
for this most-treasured hope of mutually regenerative memories
and language,
paid forward, co-redeeming, gifts of health enriching culture.

All our generations of evolving species wait within each humane heart and mind,
lurking shadows within feelings and language,
music and narrative,
hunting and gathering multicultural communication,
vocation as self-perpetuating poli-economic value functions
of healthy Earth evolution,
root systemic for community building,
regenerative balance listening for social eco-communications
inviting health,
divesting of Win to Lose next generation pathology
by investing as Win to Win PowerElders
mentoring Young regenerational ecologists,
poet warriors of peaceful love
absorbing angry pasts
predicting future ancient fears,
all engaging together here as PowerElder now
deep learning our diversely similar Creation Stories.


Congressional Editors and Translators

Congress shall make no laws respecting
[or disrespecting]
an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting free exercise
[orthodox praxis] thereof.

hmmm, who writes this stuff, anyway?

Religion and its healthy exercise
are exempt from acts of Congress.

What is this religion that needs freedom for exercise,
maturation evolving from what has become freely established?

I suppose religion might be multiculturally recognizable
as behaviors and beliefs,
absence of behaviors and disbeliefs,
motivated by grace,
especially if we might agree that positive grace
translates as positive karma,
as love,
as integral integrity,
as synergy.

Such encompassing grace could include EarthLovers,
Organic Gardeners,
and Permaculture Designers
establishing regenerative health of intent and orthopraxis
within this shared free exercise of reweaving multicultural grace
ecosystemically balancing double-negative notnot grace.
Political Yang power
balances religion’s freedom-to-love Yin-flow of nutritional wellbeing.

Multi/poly-cultural religious outcomes
nurturing political freedom to grow
and mature
and enrich globally inclusive love-cultures,
religious freedom to optimize grace,
sustainably regenerative healthy ecological karma,
positive balancing double-negative, coarising.

As Congress works on deep bicameral political problems,
they/we are not to establish barriers to grace,
developing, not stagnating, mindful loving cooperative karma.