Wisdom’s Political ConScience

“Where love rules, there is no will to power;
and where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other.”
Carl Jung

Active love co-arises power
articulating poli-economic co-wisdom.

Wisdom smiles through Poetry’s Muse
showing reasoned language as Earth’s nature-stories,
and explores,
even occasionally implodes,
treasons of language to articulate dynamic creations,
playful transliterations,
sacred transubstantiations.

Science, Research, Industry
and Poetry
and Creation Stories
emerge from natural roots
in primary full-octave color frequencies
of receptive investment in perceptive production.

Yang and Yin
equally rooted in plasmatic Air flowing as Double-Boundaried Water.
Bold Discovery and Enlightening Surprise
both rooted in co-arising Ego cultures.
Deductive Logic and Induced-Evoked Metaphor
both rooted in Allegorical Logos.

Exegetical Beliefs flower from Significant Feelings
as Facts emerge from less significant, eisegetical feelings.
Beliefs and Facts
language co-arising roots of and for Wisdom’s ReGenerating Culture,
birthing History,
stretching toward Love’s abundant Harvest.
History toward Harvest
as Learning develops Love,
birthing CoArising EnLightenment.

As Ego incarnates Revered CoHost Guest of Earth’s Evolving Times,
longing begets belonging,
symmetry begets wholeness,
oppositionally evolving heuristics beget appositionally revolving dynamics.

Poets must not neglect power to become wise
as Actors cannot abuse power and remain wise characters.
Leaders cannot neglect wisdom to sustain cooperative power
as Followers,
CoMuses of life’s love and suffering loss experiences,
must not impatiently abuse deep sensory co-passions
to win wealthy powers
co-arising Earth’s bio- and eco-systemic Wisdom.

YangPower is fertile as wild yeast
as YinWisdom evolves poli and poly and multi cultural yeast.

Love is to Wisdom
as Yang is to Yin,
co-rooted within Earth’s warm womb,
light’s co-evolving octaves of History.

Love is to Wisdom’s Power
as Wisdom loves co-operating EarthBound Power.

As sacred I’s regenerate to see,
as natural eyes regenerate toward Earth’s self-consciousness,
EgoMe born of and returning toward EcoWe,
regenetic Elders evolving diastatic Time through Wisdom’s Light.


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