I Would Not Speak of Devils

I would not speak these evil dilemmas,
devilish details,
dissonant fissures
disrupting smooth told sails
toward western red sunset horizons.

Who remains to listen
to remaining problems of evil?
to why and wherefore
of constitutions measured and cut through slavery
metered and sliced into commodities
for vote-inducing domestication,
to assure health and secure prosperity
evolving melting potted properties
of climatically overheating stew,
spewing through light years of infested information.

Too much meat, some plead,
Too much heat, some occupy,
Too much beat, some rapify
vilify Traditional Constitutions,
Scripture bad-faith denominations of current currency
producing complex evil remainders,
lurking behind their historic multiplication,
sick culture dominations,
addictions with hypnotic terrors,
hyperactive mystics,
spastic tremors
regurgitating flatline outcomes,
post-climatic despair.

I would speak instead of resolutions implied within evils
composed by these same lively riders
in crisis of co-arising opportunity
to recover empty crosses within empty tombs,
yin-anima love within yang-animus power,
bicameral minds stretching and breathing
nondual coarising incarnating powers
to breathe God of Fire blown air
through our own humane potential image
to explore our goods in evils
as our evil imbalances between potential goods and services,
to implore co-operating political and economic powers
struggling with each suffering other,
to deplore ecological despair
struggling against each EarthTribe Other.

I would not speak of enduring suffering and evil
and death,
their irrational whys and wherefores
and therefore be it so semi-truly resolved.
I would listen to their reverse constitutional teachings
about inclusive health
and nutritional goodness
and multiculturally regenerate love as genetic life itself.

Then watch for optimizing creative god and goddess outcomes
within each day’s miraculous political relationships
and profoundly satisfying economic transactions.

We speak best through listening bipedal feet and hands,
finding our wu wei
back through empty tombs and empty lifetime crosses
seeking this our originating Trees of God is Good as NotNot Evil.


Nature’s Controversial Kindness

Taoist Elders have spoken–
and who could natural spirits be
to rewrite cooperative history–
nature, and therefore spirit, does not favor kindness.

Christian Elders
more recently issue citations
to this Problem of Evil
incommensurabe with Father’s Loving Powers.

Dark issues,
these evils and unkindnesses,
untimely deaths and dark angry dissonance
recycling fear as fear itself.

Hunting hurricanes and stalking tsunamis
or a smaller issue of,
“I did not see that big red truck coming”
because I was investing elsewhere,
in more internal rumblings.

Yet if evolution has no regenerative morality,
no eco-normic of sustaining health,
then what do we call devolution?
If contentiousness has no real-time content,
then what is this currently called contentment?
If living healthy wealth has no loving synergetic bias,
then what is pathology,
and evil,
and irrationality,
and unkind lack of mindfulness,
and loveliness?

If Ego’s anthro-centric view of nature’s kindness,
then NatureGod’s normative and moral ecological regenerative view
of monoculturally competitive human-disnatured absence,
angrifying lack of polyculturally balancing kindness,
within as without as within…as below as above…as before as after…

Repeat, reiterate, reconnect, remember, religion as necessary.
Taoism evolves primally co-arising NatureYang as SpiritYin,
both-and, never perfectly either-or, always both kind and unkind potentiating,
If kindness is YangPositive
then absence of kindness, unkindness,
is notnot kindness YinYet echo-balancing YinStill,
transparently bilateral nature as spirit of nature’s dynamic spirit,
never one without the other, nondual co-arising,
bilateral appositionals co-gravitating EcoPresent Contenting Now.

Absence of loving kindness
emerges dualdark anger-fear EgoNature/EcoSpirit
cospiraling SelfAbsorption.

If good karma is kinder than unkind
then isn’t bad karma unkinder than kind
mutual regard of your left mindbody?
We speak of natural ecosystems in physical space
as our Elder right mindbody sees spiritual metasystemic relationships
transactions of co-empathic communication
both healthy-kind and pathology-unkind,
nondually, yet incarnationally, emerging now,
kind nature’s default
for notnot GreatSpirit’s kind resonantly echoing absence
of FullGraced Karma.


Faith’s Rational Advent

I have no rational faith
that I can think of
or remember
much less full-will with full-intent comprehend,
of spiritual systems as progenitors
of natural systems

No faith in “God” as ProGenitor of DNA/RNA naturally fractal-syntaxed

No faith in exhaling purgative decomposition,
reductive pathological Evil and Death analysis of
mindbody experience
without prior appositional, dipolar
healthy wealth of information,
fractal strings of (0) soul dialectic
confluently optimized sensory reception
and responsive experience of healthy regenerative “God” is good
diastatic Beloved Climaxing Win-Win CoOperative Communication,
mutual-solidarity-subsidiarity reiterative
positive/negative co-gravitational enculturation intent.

I have rational bicameral faith
that we can each and all fully comprehend
as Positive-Left EgoYang = NotNotNegative-Right EcoYinYin.

Here, in this polymorphic metasystemic mindbody balancing space,
we may discover treasured wealth without walls
of cytosine-biocentric QByte/8-bit reverse hierarchical
+/(-,-) 0-binary, double-bound temporal,
binomial functional
normial fractal
formative eco-political balance ball
octave frequencies
of Earth’s co-gravitational balanced harmonics.

DNA Wisdom leads toward our dual destiny, divinely human.


Dr. A Wattson’s EC(O)-Arising Response

Double-binding Win-Win
nondual manifest destiny of health
as wealth of eco-consciousness,
like double-transparency of ecologic’s Yang,
with eco-normic YinYin-square-rooted
c-squared = e-squared = Language-squared,
Positive OVER AND WITH double-negative
subjective/objective Time’s decomposing binomials.

“Instead of giving our children
clear and explicit explanations
of the game-rules of the community,
we befuddle them hopelessly
because we–as adults–were once
so befuddled, and,
remaining so,
do not understand the [Win-Lose] game
we are playing.”
(Alan Watts)

“It is an attitude of [win-lose] scarcity,
not of [win-win] abundance,
that has led to the depletion of our natural commons.
Competition and the accumulation of more than one needs
are the natural response
to a perceived scarcity of resources.
The obscene overcomsumption and waste
of our society
arise from our poverty:
the deficit of being that afflicts
the discrete and separate self,
the scarcity of money
in an interest-based system,
the poverty of relationship
that comes from the severance
of our ties to community
and to nature,
the relentless pressure to do anything,
anything at all,
to make a living.”
(Charles Eisenstein)

A double-bind game
is a game with self-contradictory
win-win rules,
a game destined toward perpetual self transcen-dance–
like trying to invent
a perpetual-motion machine
in terms of Fullerian Synergetics.

The social double-bind game
can be phrased in several ways:

The first rule of this game
is it is not not a game.

Everyone must not not play.

You must not not love us.

You must go on not not polyculturally self-optimizing.

Be yourself, but play a deductively consistent
and inductively acceptable role.

Mentor your eco-self and be not unnatural.

Do not try to be not sincere.

Essentially, this game is a demand
for spontaneous behavior of certain “must”s.
being natural or sincere–
all these require a degree of balancing spontaneous forms
of co-operation, behavior:
they happen “of themselves”
like digesting food or growing hair.
As soon as they are not forced
they acquire that natural,
and “truth” atmosphere
which everyone explores–
strong and healthy
like flowers
and nutritious
like mature vine ripened wine
of wisdom.

Life and love generate effort,
but effort will not generate them.

in life,
in other people,
in Earth’s abundance,
as in oneself–
is the attitude of allowing the spontaneous
to be spontaneous,
in its own way
and in its own time.

Faith is always a gamble
because life itself is a win-win gambling game
with what must appear,
in the losing aspect of our game,
to be colossal stakes.
But to take the gamble
out of the game,
to try to make winning a sustained certainty,
is to achieve a certainty
which is indeed co-arising/decomposing life.

From this bicameral win-win double-binding view
of Project ReGenesis
as balanced harmonic-optimizing organic econsciousness,
imperative for death-through-life memory maintenance,
healthy sustenance
and identity fulfillment,
rather than lose-lose playing out
across an oppositional spectrum,
with appositional polarities of confluence
struggling with cognitive-deductive dissonance,
generically analogical,
both ecologically and economically,
more primally than secondary spaciated Language,
enculturing an oppositional spectrum
as Good v. eviL
mirroring ReGenetic Tree RightSideDown Root Systems
of Health/Wealth Live reversing Die.


Eisenstein quote is from p. 247, “Sacred Economics”, 2011, Evolver Editions.

The large majority of this piece reverses Alan Watts’ description of double-bind enculturation. The quote is from p. 73, “The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are,” 1966, Vintage Books–1989 edition. The double-bind game rules and description are largely direct quotes (pp. 73-4) but in “reverse voice.” That is, I have reversed Watts’ description of Win-Lose ecological and cosmological assumptions, into Win-Win permacultural optimization principles, basically changing Watts’ positives into double-negatives, to reconvey his negative dissonance descriptors as a more neutrally Left-Right balancing experience of healthy systemic potential for confluence within dissonance. The end result seems to be appositionally confluent with Watts’ socioeconomic and cultural concern, while simultaneously unveiling the win-win potential hidden within lose-lose economic and cultural praxis, as so grimly outlined by Eisenstein (which is basically a solution-focused exposition, not to be missed by those looking for positive macroeconomic alternatives to Business As Usual)..


Still Within Time’s Core

Still within this beginning of Time,
Her Goddess planted
one Tree of Life and Death
regenerating cycles of RNA intelligence
and permaculture.

RNA was and is in and of this Tree of Time
searching for what might rhyme
and rhythm as DNA collateral,
bi-elliptically smooth structuring
boundaries of genetic syntax.

Sun God impregnated RNA’s
Tree Time of ReGeneration
sprouting DNA’s bicameral disposition
as if the Tree of Life and Death
had itself transformed
into a Second Millennial Tee of Knowledge of “Good” and “Evil”
as Life and Death,
ego’s left-brain deductive transposition
of eco’s right-brain Yang v. Yin disposition,
primal relationship,
comprehensively bilateral,

DNA started developing
icons and symbols of natural system experience,
and their dynamic seasonal-fractal perennial development,
numeric systems,
then linguistically encultured language,
new left-brain deductive grew Yang positive-dominant
elder right-brain’s RNA,
more inclusively intuitive yin-yin’s ecological reason
still squarely functional
within information’s 0-core fractal-binomial,
gravitational as centrifugal balancing eternity
of Time’s +/(-,-) tap root.

in this Third Millennium,
a binary digital 3rd echo-wave
liminally reflects both Trees coincidentally
through each other’s evolutionary historical root system.

Bionic system intelligence grows where planted in QBits,
8 Bits per octaved, double-fractal, Byte,
open-systemic root systems
in bicamerally comprehensive consciousness systems
of information polynomial
not-not self-perpetuating polynomial
eisegetical wisdom
pre-languaged exformation
as “death”
“negatively correlational coincidence”
“paradox of Pandora’s temporally co-redemptive convex v. concave redundant Box”
“Dark Hole pregenetive root compost dense diastasis”
“reverse-hierarchical Tree co-operative economic prescient information”
“cognitive dissonance ‘un’consciousness”
“intuitive personal knowledge”
sorting through subconscious pre-language right-brained cultural awareness,
core tap rooted,
still spacetime’s RNA fractally unfolding
prime relational function.

Bodies function much better as intentional co-operatives
divested of endosymbiotic Win-Lose competitive monocultural entities,
toxic cancerous uncivil warriors within,
arguing about who will rule this formerly polycultural evolutioning nest.


Surfing Uglified Beauty

Our beauty is hidden in our words!
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

Our content in contentment
hides within commitment toward integrity.

Our beauty is hidden in our words
said only toward ourselves.
Barometers of mental health
for how we are and are not feeling
like good mentors without external hypocrisy,
and sometimes not such good mentors.

Mentors with words redolent of harmonic peace,
or maybe sometimes too much non-violent peace,
passive aggressive surfing, searching back and forth,
or even violently imagining unworded diverse futures
of yourself,
those around you,
generalized economic and sociopathological
and therapeutic
States and Species of thrive or demise,
and planet Earth,
and our Universe,
sometimes a metaphysically closing system,
sometimes more beautifully opening
although with considerable stress
tipping points,
trimming tabs and shears,
adjusting balance, halves of ecologic,
within our internal voices of environ-mental health
and beauty.

Humaned nature adds economic
and cultural
and psychological freedom to evolve
kindness of mutual subsidiary intention,
an active love kind of peaceful mind.
Nature is only limited by absence
of regenerative orthopraxis,
caring and nurturing,
economically and politically powerful values.

Ecotherapeutic voices in our nights
and days of reconnecting consciousness
create our orthopraxis
of natural systemic design,
this song of synergy,
creative universal intelligence.

Cooperative kindness and competitive unkindness
are capacities coincident to all of nature,
a polar range from regeneration through decomposition,
from synergy through negentropy,

Kindness and love self-optimize as “Truth”
when we freely choose sufficiency of contentment,
with full will and ecojustice intent.

My words surf my beauty and hope and synergy,
in and out,
back and forth,
listening for my listening graceful bicameral heart
and comprehensive consciousness,
discovering contentment within my content,
form within my information,
ecobalancing function within my form,
fractal frequencies within our bioregenerative
self-optimizing function.

Surfing echo frequencies,
Earth’s words of microwaving grace.


Sibling Tree

What will happen next?

she said.

And why.

he asked,

and so it went all day.

“What’s next?” she asked.

“And why?” he said.


Let’s climb a tree and learn it home;

safe place to grow a branch for flight

to fly through night and dream all day.

To pretend at work,

not work to play.


Why screw around?

Is flight not real?

And working play feels play-full

when trees are true

and branches balance birdnests

floating toward this stringish green-field Earth.


I fear what will happen next

she asks.

And why

he says.

and so it goes through life.

“What’s next?” she fears.

“And why?” he fails to reassure.


Let’s build a house high as the sky.

We’ll play on clouds and they on us

til vegeburgers rain like cars

too fast to find us

high above this tangled weedish plot.


Clouds feel good for rest

but not for forts.

The sun burns clouds like cars burn trees.

Let’s fall beneath a flower pot

and kiss her rooted tendrils

to grow full measured

good and true and real and wondrous

shade trees gracing fertile plots.


What will happen next?

she asks.

And why? he asks again.

And so it goes.

What’s next…



Dedication: To Kerry