Ground of Becoming

Aristotle thought happiness is the foundation of existence.
Since then, others have worried that maybe survival is closer
to their own more suffering experience.

I don’t exactly disagree with Aristotle,
or with those on the more suffering side of our species.
But, where these two come together, in my experience,
is within the context of health v pathology.

To me, happiness is the Yang-face of health’s Yin-face,
so it is these two together co-arising the foundation
of ego’s regenerative existence,
and degenerative subclimate pathologies.

In learning happy health,
life lived ever more fully,
positive karmically,
as in gaming,
the stress of stretching one’s offensive capacities
is reduced by the belief that we have a perfect defense.
We know there are no WinLose strategic players;
only WinWin intent.
Because we know through co-empathic experience
and the evidence of Earth’s evolution,
that WinWin always optimizes happy-health,
while WinLose suboptimizes
opportunities for developing further co-empathic learning capacities.

So too,
defensive concerns soften and languish
by constant feedback that we have a flawless happy-health offensive strategy for further WinWin learning.

In the real world
there is no more a perfectly conservative defense
against unhealthy suffering
than there is a perfectly evolving offense toward happy health.

In learning healthier living,
cognitive-affective dissonance is our defense against polypathic co-empathy,
our oppositional resistance.

Empathic happy-health psychology,
a deep awareness of our ecopolitical equivalence,
empowers Basic Attendance (0)-sum balance,
our regenerative offensive-centered listening position
for learning effectively,
balancing nurture with challenge,
by noticing our own cognitive-affective defenses,
without which we would have no radical sense of autonomous identity,
no monoculturing monotheistic monochromatic severed ego.

So too, without our primal co-empathic relationship
with our mentoring environment,
we could have no interdependent. ecological happy-health identities.

And yet,
our ego-patriotic conserving defense of happiness
remains a secondary form
in relation to our RightBrain matriotic nurturance function
of a healthy regenerative climate,
learning atmosphere,
ecological integrity of ego-resilient polypaths.

LeftBrain Aristotle thought happiness is the foundation of existence,
because his RightBrain noticed health as his ground of becoming.


Avatar of ReGenerative Time

If God is First Universal Cause,
then Goddess EarthYin is also Last regenerative-synergetic Effect
and Affecting BiCameral-Discerning Earth and Ego’s Climate Health

[WinWin cooperative-reiterative double-bind-binary Bayesian QByte informational/exformational co-arising systemic polynomial balance trends],

like DNA 4D Yang/Yin Thymine/Cytosine thermodynamic infusing balance,
transubstantiating multiculturing RNA,
and their 4D equivalent fractal double-binding squared speed of starlight
BiLateral Temporal CoArising Source,
each fertilely optimizing equivalent octave-meme frequencies
of co-arising nondual ReGenerative Psychology
as Positive OVER Negative notnot EcoLogical
First Left Cause (0) Not-Not optimally lasting Pubic Health and Safety,
Earth Righteous Effectiveness

For optimizing both polynomial nouns and polypathic relational verbs
nurturing Original Intent,
back in time to Black Hole
(0) BiLateral Core Sacred Unitive-nominative Source Convex
BiCameral ConCave Unitarian-dipolar notnot co-arising denominatively accessible exformation, reverse-corollary trends of
Elder RightBrain neural-sensory regenerations
are also positive-aptic health-as-wealth
are also median Tipping Point appositional (0)-ego/ecopolitical
Tao-Zen-Pythagorean? nonduality,
bicameral cooperative-evolutionary default function.


Bad Humors Create Victims

Good Humors Create Healers

Humorless weaponed officials
applying laws
to challenged and challenging
unarmed natures,
is like expecting a rabid rattlesnake
to advocate with and for patience,
understanding through merciful listening,
to apply active love’s empathic trust,
which no just law, or practice thereof, could prohibit.

The truth of complex situations,
so necessary to uncover for wise application of our ethical codes
for ecopolitical behaviors,
is best accessed by vulnerability of co-empathic trust,
active listening,
Basic Attendance,
as is intelligent good humor.

Loss of humor’s mutual equanimity
is an ominous spiritual and natural sign
Yet another rabid rattlesnake
with too little more moral intelligence.

If you are feeling like delivering toxic venom,
rather than inviting kindness in return,
then probably best to stay home
and curl up on a warm rock.

Hard-hearted criminal intent
to neglect and abuse others
is not softened or redeemed
by anything less or more than orthopraxis of loving kindness
with a smile, as possible.

Those who expect citizens to behave civilly,
best mentor what they would optimally hope to see
on our streets and roads
and life’s Business As Usual highways
and byways.

Front-line customer service to those suspected,
or even known,
to struggle with sociopathic tendencies,
cannot be optimally effective
by treating them to further misdemeanors of humorless
paranoid rabidity.

Are you in our shared health business,
or in our anger/fear pathology too-busyness,
or both?
If both,
which vocation seems to bring you,
and the rest of us,
better ecopolitical outcomes?


Politics of Love


rather than terror,

usually beginning with some combination of the two,

is an empathic political choice

to evolve toward healthier mutual regard,

rooted in open and honest full-disclosure

of ego- and eco-centric agendas,

emerging climatic issues,

projects repurposing monopolistic Business As TerrorUsual.


Ecology of Political Trust

TaoTime as ZeroZen Centered

Simple really, this Eastern Creation Story,
imagine all your energetic muscle tissue tribes,
alternating static yin with diastatic yang,
imagine Elder skeletal cells
and structural embryonic marrow-systems,
imagine rivers of vessels and veinish pumping systems,
rhythms and swirling patterns,
revolving neural synaptic-aptic communication systems,
and of course your skin cells
and all those amazing organic mind cells
with their internal and external eco-systemic issues
and economic transfer of nutritional-flow busyness-networks,
all following one health v pathology regenerative ecological model
of cooperative internal/external self-governance.

We are all relatively healthy incarnations,
still breathing and beating and conscious,
ecologically self-optimizing homeostatic ego/eco biosystems,
sharing a (0)centric historical-cultural genetic cooperative network
ecological and polycultural within all DNA/RNA scripted systems,
and multicultural within humane bicameral systems,
organic health-cooperative EarthTribal networks
of nondual co-arising
co-empathic trust
in beloved community truth
as ecologically balancing
regenerate beauty
as active love,
eco-political intelligence.

As yin-balanced within,
so yang-empowered without.

Political and economic cooperative empathy,
a private and public, but also ego-intimate
articulating evolutionary empathic capacity
to care about nurturing health and safety environments
for the young.

Remember when powerful political leaders
vocationally cared about healthy futures
for their grandchildren’s grandchildren?

Neither do I.

Future generations,
future regenerators,
future YangYin regeneration of ecosystemic time
as uracil/cytosine strings
informing dipolar co-arising memory,
refolding revolutions of evolution’s embryonic organic time.

Courage to lay down Yang macho-male dominant supremacy
is often found in love for nurturing welcomers,
graceful hospitality,
integrity of maleness remembered within embryonic power-flow,
co-empathic matriarchal reception
of love’s cooperative compost
enthymeming positive intentions.

If we cannot remember how to play and strategize
with the imaginative WinWin innocence of a prepubescent child,
then we might try to imagine courage
as open receptivity of a leaf
absorbing light
to produce a more positively empowered atmosphere
for growing future trees with deeply healthy root systems,
producing hard-shelled yang nuts
with nutritional-regenerate yin bilateral development instructions
written across each and every EarthTribe incarnation,
living now between ElderPower past
and FutureFlow of TaoTime ReGenerators.


Congressional Editors and Translators

Congress shall make no laws respecting
[or disrespecting]
an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting free exercise
[orthodox praxis] thereof.

hmmm, who writes this stuff, anyway?

Religion and its healthy exercise
are exempt from acts of Congress.

What is this religion that needs freedom for exercise,
maturation evolving from what has become freely established?

I suppose religion might be multiculturally recognizable
as behaviors and beliefs,
absence of behaviors and disbeliefs,
motivated by grace,
especially if we might agree that positive grace
translates as positive karma,
as love,
as integral integrity,
as synergy.

Such encompassing grace could include EarthLovers,
Organic Gardeners,
and Permaculture Designers
establishing regenerative health of intent and orthopraxis
within this shared free exercise of reweaving multicultural grace
ecosystemically balancing double-negative notnot grace.
Political Yang power
balances religion’s freedom-to-love Yin-flow of nutritional wellbeing.

Multi/poly-cultural religious outcomes
nurturing political freedom to grow
and mature
and enrich globally inclusive love-cultures,
religious freedom to optimize grace,
sustainably regenerative healthy ecological karma,
positive balancing double-negative, coarising.

As Congress works on deep bicameral political problems,
they/we are not to establish barriers to grace,
developing, not stagnating, mindful loving cooperative karma.


Gold Health and Nutrition Standards

If political scientists study power relationships,
could economists study interior as exterior landscapes
for cooperative/competitive nutrient-flow/struggle
and dynamic birth through decomposition trends?

Both political and economic researchers,
one and all together,
of sound ecologically healthy exegetical mind
and regenerating ribonucleic embryonic body.

Our not-so-hidden cooperative political DNA agenda
as this humanizing species,
would appear to evolve toward sustainably regenerative
multicultural ecosystemic
nested networks of communication,
through plural-equivalent freedom to and from information communities,
both verbal and non-verbal egos,
Earth-resident mindbodies,
including English-speaking male scientific researchers,
including wealthy people,
including politically powerful and ballistic totalitarians and terrorists,
but not any more or less so
than any other mindbody,
including your own internal universal plurality
of integrative organic equality.

While not headline news-worthy,
yet neither inscrutable or supremacist,
evolutionary history itself proves we intend developing
a healthy cooperative learning culture
rooted in Basic Attendance,
or functional Yang/Yin Balance,
or BiCameral Balance,
or animus-anima gestalt balance,
or octave-crystal temporal harmonics,
learning whatever creation and self-development story you prefer to invite
from your own encultured repertoire of experience and imagination.

Which life-value culture becomes less salient
as we continue learning all cultural roads lead toward healthy cooperative teleological,
economic research of life’s relational transactions,
investments and divestments,
within each day’s classroom.

We continue to learn by building and dismantling our political,
ecological relationships,
transactional research investments,
struggling together to sort our confluence from our dissonance,
our contentment through our contentiousness.

Our Golden Health opposite of tyranny and terror
seeks globally regenerative equal access to cooperative nutritional enculturation
within our mindbody landscapes,
and without,
1. Other humane landscapes—
learning integrative ecoconsciousness together;
2. Other EarthTribal Landscapes, eco- and bio-systems;
3. Earth’s Universal metaphysical bilateral-temporal landscape
of cold winter nights
through full diastatic days of summer,
then summer through dualdark winter’s reprise.

Cooperative political economic relationships and transactions,
co-mentoring throughout our families and schools,
throughout our health and education and security
and defense systems,
throughout our cooperative financial institutions,
our public sector tax and invest budgets
and healthy cooperative,
nutritionally rich policy planning procedures,
political design parties,
policy discernment through scattered-site networks,
meetings of EarthTribe enculturing minds
with ecoconscious growing bodies.

You did not invite this incarnation,
your Elders did.
You did not invite this humanizing political-economic species,
Earth did.
Just as Earth did not invite SpaceTime Earth’s orbit,
Sun did.
Yet we compose and dance and language our mutual invitations
within this regenerative humanizing species
to continue spreading our Golden EarthTribe CoMentoring Rules
throughout our personal and public orbits,
seeding and refueling our equal plurality of freedom Golden Ratios,
and polypathic polycultured Golden Cooperative Information Networks
predicting WinWin nutritional outcomes.