Zen Revolution Times

She flows subtly yet inevitably
in part because of her omnipresence,
profoundly radical ubiquity.

Co-gravitation pulling oceans of water
toward moons of dry fossiled spacetime–
who knows and yet cannot quite grasp
what intuitions She would conjoin?

And yet each wave of gravitas
time’s great and small transitional events
echoes back through Her swells and ebbs,
back toward ReBirthing Time’s CoGravitated (0)Rigin
tipping point of kosmic matriotic revolutions
emerging tones of space-flown hues
racing rhythms
reiterating boson patterns,
nondual co-arising dipolar consciousness.

Time’s co-gravitating nurturing Presence,
Basic Attendance
dancing erupts subtly
in part because of Earth’s omnipresent co-arising nest,
Her embryonic patriarchal Creation Stories
ReBirthing DeCompositional Stories,
why and how Father Sun
gave birth to Mother Earth’s co-evolving revolution
spiraling bilateral light ways.

National patriotism
evolved out of Elder Earth’s matriotic birth,
embryonic integrity,
as convex space
emerged from concaving bilateral time’s crisis of rebirth opportunity,
integrity of nurturing multicultural light emergence.


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