Revolutions in Plutocracy

Those who get,
get more.
Those who want,
want more.

Evolution is not survival of the fittest species,
but thrival of the greatest fit with least endosymbiotic change required
whether we speak of polycultural enrichment
or meta-paradigmatic revolutions in understanding multicultural enrichment.

Evolution is BusinessAsUsual (BAU) cooperative-dominant nutritional networking
between what were more autonomous,
mutual-immune suboptimally co-functioning coincidental subsystems.

Revolution is the emergence of a new (0)-sum co-empathic prime relationship
on the dual edges of diastatically pervasive abundance
throughout the implicated (coded, genetic, pre-embryonic) polypaths of Earth,
enculturing ever deeper, denser, more healthy, fertile, lush, lavish, gorgeous bilateral (0)-interest
temporally balanced
thermodynamic resonance.

Great Transitional Revolutions
within normal BAU evolution,
favor, confluate, radiate, elate, co-arise
survival of the fittest species and individuals,
but not the fittest warriors, necessarily.

Past anthrocentric revolutions
like Taoism,
nature-mystics one and all, at least embryonically,
group theory,
game theory,
regenerative systems theory,
evolutionary theorems of great transitional revolutions,
hunters and gatherers
reproduce nature-mystic analogical polypaths one and all.

These past revolutionary theorems and practices,
intents with organically benign purposes,
come to us from past anthrocentric revolutions
that have more often favored the fittest lovers,
most resonantly healthy cooperators,
peace and merciful justice family and extended family makers,
polypathic multicultural-loving thrivers.

PolyPathic Revolutions
seem to draw toward basic empathic-trust ecoconsciousness
of political relationships and economic transactions
as living on an edgy evolving spectrum
from ecologically healthy
to Earth-Other-Self pathological,
including internal Left with Right hemispheric reiterative bicameral discernment conversations.

YinRight has no language
but flows through co-empathic trust
or floods with anger and fear and hateful mutual immunity,
absence of pleasure through relationship.
Right flows positive as co-empathic trusting love of healthy ways
while Left functions optimally
with Left/Right BiCameral (0)-Soul Balance,
deductive with inductive
both-and notnot mutually immune coempathic,
need not devolve to reductive suboptimization,
and further trends of cognitively irrational dissonance.

Left-Deductive PowerWith-Yang: ConVex Exterior Landscape
Right-Inductive CoEmpathic (0)-Binomial YinYin: ConCave Interior Bilaterally Revolving-Resolving Landscape.

Why does this Plutocratic Revolution of Healthiest Riches
matter to anthro-polypaths of Left-Right Balance?

A theoretical application,
rooted in knowing that at least one billionaire
(Ted Turner)
has donated at least a billion dollars
to UN critical global services,
such as eliminating land mines,
feeding children,
preventing disease
(what about planting trees and feeding Earth’s topsoil?).

These have actually improved the quality of life on anthrocentric Earth.

What if all of us with retirement accounts,
what if all insurance and wealth-tax investments
were paid-forward as (0) interest loans,
one to five year deferred,
with flexible terms for repayment,
to convert these same critical global services,
now owned by political-economic elite service providers
to therapeutic cooperative ownership,
owned by their non-elite consumers and direct service providers,
who learn to pass along therapies and skill-sets received
to others in need of the same?

What if Donald Trump
suddenly remembered it is in our children’s children’s long-term healthy interest,
to convert all he owns to co-ownership of those who want to work
with cooperative ownership and self-governance.
Sharing wealth brings richer health.
Hoarding wealth only produces envious employees,
when we could secure cooperative healthy relationships of mutual integrity.
What kind of degenerate mentorship would this look like
as a public-sector leader of sustainable health and prosperous safety policies?

PolyPathic Plutocrats
might measure their wealth-networking skills
with the comparative happiness they feel
in their stomachs,
bicameral hearts and lungs and synergetic mindbody functions.
Eventually even billionaires figure out
that all the good food and booze in the world,
no matter how long and well we live,
goes in the same piehole,
all the sounds and sights come through remarkably similar minds as nondual bodies,
and all the poop and pee and vomit continue to emerge from exactly the same places as when we were penniless children.

Once you have enough,
more can only therapeutically come your way to reinvest in others,
to help you extend your consciousness of family responsibilities
with health and caring authority.

Those who want and get more for every mind and body,
get and want no more than sufficient for ego’s healthy body
loving mind.




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