On Health as Nutritional EcoPolitical Outcomes

On Religion:
God is great as notnot God,
otherwise anthrocentrically distorted sense of temporal balance norms
within Earth’s EcoSystemic Logic and Language WinWin Network
of historical enculturation.

On Science:
Deductive syllogistic structural methods for learning positive
and negative correlations between nondual co-arising events
with optimal outcomes as notnot inductive
analogically felt trust
of deep learning positive nutritional trends
appositionally balance pathological
exformational trends.

On Politics:
Economic power’s sustainable nutrition trends
for global through personal health and safety
income and investment priorities,
improving performance outcomes as political power-over ego-,
and anthro-centric agendas and issues become repurposed
absorbed into highest beauty and healthiest purpose;
especially with labor-intensive investment authorities
and responsible co-investments by those most monoculturally repressed
into thinking that at best,
only their deaths
could be a gift to Earth
as we clearly are not capable of fulfilling our vocational enslavement
to develop evermore robust consumer capacity.

On Economics:
Nutritional ecosystemic network diastasis
remains most MidWay WuWei Tipping Point sustainable
from past through future regenerations
of all Earth’s Organic BioSystems
as pathological enculturation toxins
are no longer competitively over-invested
in WinLose theories and conjectures
about Earth’s necessary and reasonable,
ecological evolutions
and ecosystemic spiraling revolutions.

On Evolution:
Poly- and Multi-Cultural Revolutionary Climax of ecosystems
are to M.L. King’s
and Teilhard de Chardin’s Beloved (0)MetaCommunity WinWin Point
as monocultural,
irrationally dissonant
and culturally dominant divestment
is to (0)-sum interest in NotNot
LoseLose God’s Evolving Game Conjecture.

On Psychology:
Positive evolutionary bicameral ecoconsciousness
of LeftBrain Yang,
convexly universal deductive languaged and ecologosed
ecopolitical identity
improves cognitive/emotive healthy optimization trends
as balanced with RightBrain’s YinYin NotNot
reverse-temporal norms of ecological nature-empathic chemistry of trust
appositionally dipolar immune
in reverse correlative prime (0)-sum power-relationship
with anti-empathic (-,-) LoseLose
nurture-learned ecopolitical distrust
of EarthTribal organic nature/nurture
mutually equivalent (0)Riginal Septum of BiNomial MetricIntent.

On PolyPathic InFormation EcoSystems
as Communication
within Co-Empathic NeuralSensory Network Design:

Positive PolyNomial Political Powers of ReGenesis
are equal to NotNot Negative Economic Cooperation
(0)-soul perpetual reinvestment
within 4D DiPolar BiNomial SpaceTime
as reverse-exforming RealTime Imaged,
Fractal-Holonic Octave-Balancing
functional bilateral-dynamic fusion-synergy,
yin-squared DNA/RNA progenitive cause
of Yang’s dominant-convex/yin-recessive-concave
(0)Riginal Universal notnot BlackHole
dualdark devolving nutritional dissonance away
from divine-humane rainbow power-with
integral cycling spiral frequencies.

On P=N(NP):
as Yang equals Yin-Squared
ecopolitical health-opportunity
of timeless trusting-truth with co-empathic beauty
bilaterally co-emergent
nondual Now’s Ego/Eco God of NotNot Time.

On PolyPathic ReLigion:
God is abundantly nutritional love
as NotNot humanely divine
nondual co-arising

nurturing nutritional ecologicalmind (DNA/RNA encrypted)

Left/Right physical/mental cooperative health regenerational outcomes,
predicted to meet Continuous Quality PermaCultural Design Improvement
by co-mentoring ecological nutrition/pathology principles
and procedural policy standards.


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