Rise Up Struggling Lives

Rise up
significant and healthy black through white lives,
divine dignity claims our domestic peace and justice.

Advocate showing up within our own prophecy
of dual destiny potentiality.
We all live and die
but our diminished black lives are not to die
any more or less than dominant white encultured lives.

Our dignity in losing ego strengths
shouts out to gain ecopolitical equity.
This, poverty’s wilting purpose
to become reborn through nutritious soul food wealth
of multiculturing purpose.

One economic-political principle we must be sure of,
risk and opportunity ebb and flow in equal portions.
Life and death,
wealth and poverty,
could be no exception.

Risks endemic to poverty of spirit
also present opportunities to cooperatively rule
ourselves within this ecologically systemic Earth,
evolving peaceful politics
as ecojustice black through white
fragrant octave-souled polypathic beauty.


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