God of Healthy Climates

God is a self-perpetuating
self-regenerative verbal climate.

NotNot God is a timeless self-perpetuating climate
transcending extremes of climaxing health
and devolutionary pathology,
warmly and coldly
all mindbodies in-between.

AnthroSpecies’ sacred intelligence of recreating
incarnating God as our own climatic images,
capable of forecasting weather and atmosphere
and ice-melts and ozone depletions and repletions,
with empathy breathing internal mental unhealthy paranoia climates,
personal ecopolitical concerns issuing in through our senses,
breathing out through Earth’s co-empathic climates
of healthy ecotherapeutic days
and dualdark melting inferno futures.

NotNot God is climate health and pathology,
Within Yin and without Yang,
as anima-shadow below
so animus above burning rays of SunGod
heating and cooling Gaia’s human infestation,
recreating Her humane incarnation,
or so we multiculturally hope and climatically pray
and play and recreate.

Each AnthroSelf of God lives within two health climate frames
of ego-political performance,
an internal climate,
sometimes health-investing in thrifty cooperative therapies,
and an external ecopolitical climate,
sometimes too competitively stingy
to coinvest in our shared EarthTribal health,
preferring to hoard nature’s empty-caloric chump change climate
of dissonant ticking, clicking, counting, hiding despair.

Wealthier sacred sustaining liturgical incarnations
more likely evolve within fully co-invested Gods and Goddesses
of ecopolitical healthy climates.


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