Defending Democratic DogLives

Dear Thom the Train
Attorney Page,

Defender of all Creatures
here below
in these DisUniting States
of throwback uncivil disunion,

What is your root foundation
for a constitutional argument
that all living residents
of these remaining United Democratic States
have a right
to restoring healthy justice,
to resiliently retaining healthy life?

Is this sacred democratic Source
inter-related with values
like well-being
public health optimization,
declarations of defensive rights
for all Creation
to freely seek democratic empowerment
and liberating enlightenment?

and, thereby, pro-green new and ancient win/win deals.

I am not a lawyer,
as you can clearly already hear,
but more of a constitutional
polycultural historian,

So, how do you briefly argue
in courts of your licit choosing,
an evolutionary theory
of democracy still healthily emergent?

Starting with straight
patriarchal property owners
African and Native American
domesticated and feminized
economic and political
natural and spiritual slaves,

Moving multiculturally out
to include prisoners
and homeless shelter dwellers,
and now our imprisoned
and life-endangered dogs
and cats,
and cattle,
and guines pigs
of democratic tensions
of dominating fraternity
and liberating sorority.

History shows
where our constitutional democratic story began
with white straight male slave-owner privilege,

But, how do you predict where
and when this evolving
emergent cooperative health-wealthing
cooperative reality
or could
or would globally end?

it is your brief courtship win/win position
that we must expect no such end
to this multiculturally revolutionary
democratic 20/20 revolution?

Moving from more Straight White Patriarchal
independence days
toward more resiliently fulfilling
Earth InterDependence Days
and sensory moonlit nights

Of freely orbiting stars
and planets
from democratizing Positive/Negative
Yang/Yin Energy

Empowering health,
Enlightening true and beautiful
epic green
democratic wealth.


Winter’s Writing Choices

Approaching winter…

OK, maybe encroaching mid-winter
of life’s seasonal span
with resonantly compelling grace,
perhaps even transparent vulnerability,
feels controversial,
too laissez-faire

Too much courage
in declaring preliminary success
with too little curiosity
about what happens next
on planet Earth

Continuing to revolve all four seasons
holistic lenses.

I recall the poet’s admonition
to not go quietly
into this winterish
cold night.

Life’s final reflective opportunity
does not invite quiet
so much as impassioned peace
of a windless snowfall
blanketing all I can see
and more faintly hear,
touch and awkwardly feel,
smell and bittersweetly taste
unsafe passage.

I recently moved from autumn habitat,
a creative tension between summer’s midlife climax
and this new winter habit
above Connecticut’s exquisite Salmon River.

This is a compromised writer’s winter hermitage
shared with my son who cannot speak
but can roar,
who cannot walk by himself
but can scoot
and belly laugh at his own internal sensations
and my external sensational sounds.

And, following Daquan
from my fall habitat
to winter’s eremetical search for peace,
however coldly displaced,
with social
and political
and spiritual
and natural distancing,

Behind Daquan
are daily in-home nurses
and his most avid companion,
my romantically distanced husband.

He comes bearing gifts
of clothes,
cleaning supplies,
far too much meaty food
for a proper hermitage
and not enough
for sufficient redemption
and for self-forgiveness.

He comes unaware of my ecofeminist wintering spirit,
longing for Earth’s warm womb justice
restoring peace
resilient through all four seasons
of present
and future Earth lives.

My ecofeminist lineage
feels too white to him,
not a journey for him
and our two brown sons
and my brown and cerebral palsied daughter
and Daquan.

So, this writer’s winter hermitage
remains newly compromised by past fall
and summer
and even spring
of extended multicultural family life.

May it always be so
or no,
I’m not sure which to pray for
or against
as I quietly write
into this warm and peaceful night,
just right,
not too dim or bright.


GreenSupreme Health Advocate

Don’t shoot me down.
Don’t start to frown,
It’s past my pay grade.
I’m just Her messenger.

QueenMother DNA
has Her final
non-violent first say.

She’s polypathic
and gracefully green.
Love’s systemic polyphonics,
math paths I’ve never zero-seen
or heard tell of polynomials

“Green refines great healthy bits of change,”
She ecologically gloats
then quietly WinWin votes
for dipolar ZeroZone ranges.

What’s your ZeroSum
Ego/Eco binomial identity
worth to you?
A one-stick of bubbling zero-gum?

Plug and Play into the late great sacred Matriarchal,
Win +1.00 universal percent
balancing not not ZeroYin-Squared health
not quite so loss of Green

Find yourself a WinWin multiculturing network
filled with webbed flow
paid-forward economies
thick as a nutritional MotherTree forest
restoring justice to night-owl wisdom clerks

Calculating Whole Open System nests
warm wet womb nurturing life
loving ZeroSum positive/negative
regenerative v degenerative
asymmetric nature-spirits
nondual body-minds
bicameral hyphenated pest-nests

WinWin ready to influence health opinions
and nontrialistic wealth-choice feelings
sometimes more beautifully appealing
than ZeroZone revealing
Win/Lose retributive exchange dominions.

Your first heart beat
took place in My ZeroZone womb,
warm and swimmingly wet,
breathing in ego-shaping
positive polypathic potential identity
to breathe out into My eco-storied future
integrity of Earth’s revolutioning

4D ElderRight sacred regenerative dominance
greets 4D Left ZeroSum deducing
inductive focal-tacit
explicating formed experience
framed memories
implicating effluent holistic
Open Systemic
open sesame
open urgent
pregnant time for 2020
ZeroSum home and business delivery

Polynomial Ego-One
equals Eco-ZeroZone
not not polynomial geometric
asymmetric positive balance
as breathing in natural left embodied
predicts further WinWin ecopolitics
breathing out spiritual ElderRight
Matriarchal experience
of green Earth’s non-sectarian
not not ZeroSum healthy pasts
for wealthy futures.

Don’t shoot me down.
Don’t start to frown,
It’s past my not not ZeroSum pay grade.
I’m just HerIntegrity’s potential messenger.




Green Gay Advocate

When I was about twelve
I began to see my future
as a ruthlessly effective
overpoweringly sublime advocate for justice
as global peace outcomed and measured,
As a courtroom drama officer
of the U.S. multicultural Court EcoSystem,
A flaring hot attorney
of the U.S.
and global green
legal testosterone-preferred system.

When I was about sixteen,
I began to question the resilience
of Win/Lose ecological and theological partial-rapture Dreams.
I wanted to belong
in a more resilient WinWin restoration
of local through global peace through ecojustice
and how could I do that
in a Win/Lose punishment egosystem
designed to avoid
or at least ignore
Loser predator and Loser prey’s ultimate EarthTribe outcomes,
pathological death and dying degeneration?

When I was about twenty
I began to see myself
as a great preacher and teacher
of WinWin co-redemptive multicultural
and permaculturally perennial religion
evolving straight through reincarnate cultures

But, how could I become that sainted preacher
of rainbow natural and spiritually timeless integrity
as an uncommitted agnostic,
a mere investigative journalist
rather than an active subject of history’s grand full-voiced stage,
or passive object of Win/Lose greed and lusting culture?

I lack sufficient articulation
within any one integrity path,
one Paradise garden polypathic,
one walk within God’s harmonic matriarchal newborn voices,
speaking creation
through naturally diversifying generations,
Advocating spiritual renewal
restoring WinWin revolutions
across every overt and pervert and divert system
in every sacred land?

When I was about twenty-four
I felt sufficiently redeemed
as a green gay prophet
of sensory revolutionary WinWin experience,
with some Win/Lose rapacious and tragic defeating compromises
with Truth
acidically associated WinWin kinships
with Earth’s diversely sheltering lights
and rhythmic patterns
of 4Dimensioned dynamic habitats
developed through cooperatively systemic relationships.

I lacked sufficient WinWin theory
to prophetically explain
how to cooperatively recapture such profoundly prescient passion
without psychotripic supports,
not physically sustainable–
yet another Win/Lose compromised dead-end.

Then there was my forty years
of vocational wilderness wanderings,
dark night of inside winter
outside desert walks,
inside confusion,
outside complaint
inside dissonance
to tolerate Win/Lose partially recycled monoculturing compromises
inhabiting LeftBrain deductive
Either good
Or bad
dominating dualist dueling AnthroTribe,

Not worshiping
or even listening to
natural/spiritual hybrids,
like lovely lilies in green gay meadow memories,
indigenous DNA enraptured
Right/LeftBrain Win/Win outside/inside
experience of polypathic rapture,
sacred enchantments.

When I was about 64
I began to understand
how miserable I would have been
as a Win/Lose advocate
of U.S. violently punishing elite entitlements
for an anthrocentric legal system
with no orthodox health v pathology insight,
little cooperative ecological hope,
bad mono-elitist inaccessible entitlement toward MisTrust
that once we enter God’s Great Patriarchal CourtRoom
anyone could possibly become integrally healed
for and by and of and with profoundly accessible
Win/Win experiential love
for Ego co-arising therapeutic Eco-justice
inside as outside habitat
of sainted green advocates.

Now I continue
as yet another Win/Win health non-officer
of Earth’s non-patriarchal CourtSystem,
A green gay outdoor student
increasingly without indoor Win/Lose over-invested portfolio.

This green gay preacher
is happy to Green Proclaim

It does not matter,
the Source of
current climate pathology,
health-trend portfolios,
robust v mistrusted health paradigms

Whether act of Western and LeftBrain dominant
over-extraction EitherUsNow-OrThemLater culture,
or religion of overt ego-distraction,
or whether illegal Act of God v. Future Resilient Healthy Creation
This climate pathology
cries through Win/Win ecosystemic hearts
of patriarchs and matriarchs alike,
and all creatures in-between
dipolar tipping points

To remember
To restore, inside and out,
Our sacred RedSky warnings and defenses
and secular open GreenSeas
timeless landed vocational ground
soul to resonate Paradise green ecojustice,
cooperatively owned
and DNA healthy polypathic
wilderness peace within
Time our regenerately reverberating
GreenSoul advocating Selves.


Rise Up Struggling Lives

Rise up
significant and healthy black through white lives,
divine dignity claims our domestic peace and justice.

Advocate showing up within our own prophecy
of dual destiny potentiality.
We all live and die
but our diminished black lives are not to die
any more or less than dominant white encultured lives.

Our dignity in losing ego strengths
shouts out to gain ecopolitical equity.
This, poverty’s wilting purpose
to become reborn through nutritious soul food wealth
of multiculturing purpose.

One economic-political principle we must be sure of,
risk and opportunity ebb and flow in equal portions.
Life and death,
wealth and poverty,
could be no exception.

Risks endemic to poverty of spirit
also present opportunities to cooperatively rule
ourselves within this ecologically systemic Earth,
evolving peaceful politics
as ecojustice black through white
fragrant octave-souled polypathic beauty.


Therapeutic Justice

When passion plants a permacultural seed,

then justice flourishes a polycultural flower.


These two words, permaculture and polyculture, grow holistic significance for our physical, and mental, cultural and spiritual health.


Permacultural, as I intend it this morning, refers to Yang’s power for cooperative sustainability of natural systems; power that is universally comprehensive consciousness. Permacultural wisdom is rooted in ancient Golden Rules and Ratios as balanced proportion and right relationship between ego and eco, between self and partners, family, tribe, environment.


Polycultural gardens and landscapes,

whether natural-exterior or human natured-interior,

are positive outcomes anticipated,


beloved by Permaculturalists.


The opposite  of  polycultural paradise

we might describe as:

  1. monocultural (not multiculturally therapeutic)
  2. monopolistic and dominating (not mutually cooperative governance, economics, or ecologic)
  3. monochromatic (not polymorphically natured, gened, generated, evolved, not full octave frequencies of color and harmony).


Permacultural development is to Yang’s force and power.

as Polycultural outcomes are to Yin’s therapeutic flex and flow.



And so it is that in this our permacultural parable, we reach back to through all Four Seasons in our UU ReGenesis Community’s polycultural co-passion story.

One winter of discontent, about 1000 years from now, and more, and less, the Universalist Prophets of Justice turned rather coldly upon the Unitarian Mystics of Warm Compassion.

“What happened to Truth, Justice, and the American Independent Way of Freedom; low risk, high yield economic and political life? Why do you overheat all your passion and love and ecological empathy, then serve it wholesale to every suffering, angry, self-medicating, felon and victim of violence and poverty, every socialist and sexual deviant, and those relentless feminist tyrants of chaos and public self-flagellation?”

“You Unitarian Mystics are way over the top, placing too-soft mercy where we need a more tough-love prophetic universal truth voice for justice. As much as you don’t like to hear this, may we most prophetically remind you that justice, like investment, trickles down from entitled power authorities and wealthy depositors from whom more is expected.”

So, as was their practice, these suffering ReGenesis Community Yin-Mystics of too-great compassion went off to hibernate this harsh dark justice, to decompose this permacultural puzzle of the thrival of the economic fittest, and yet also fattest. How could it be that competing weapons of bloated wealth are more powerful than our compassionate Gaia Goddess of ecological “why can’t we all just play cooperatively”  wisdom?  How could an omnipotent benign Unitarian Hostess give birth to litters of runtish parasites without giving them at least a flat playing field for winning more positive outcomes than the dinosaurs?

Having posed their question, the yin-mystics sang their langorous liturgical prayer:

[sung slowly and quietly first verse, building toward passion, second verse]

Twinkle twinkle litte star

how we wonder when you are.

Did you used to be more bright?

Is there still time to touch your light?

Twinkle twinkle too small star,

how we wonder when you are.


Twinkle twinkle shining star

how we wonder who we are.

Are you us when we are light

Are we you when we shine bright?

Twinkle twinkle shining star

How we wonder who we are.


Following gratitude for winter’s metamorphic suffering and chronically stressed tough-love teachers,

Grandmother Moon responded with polycultural wisdom of waxing and waning hope for spring’s new life:


“When winter’s suffering composts in each person,

compassion grows more inclusive and diverse,

richer, more fertile root systems,

arguing with rather than arguing against,

struggling with rather than struggling against.


Composted in the family,

co-passion will optimize wealth of nutritional values for all senses, feelings, awareness;

Composted in the neighborhood and your local cooperative economy,

and political platforms, policies, plans,

co-passion will positively slow-growth multiply;

Organically composted throughout the nations,

cooperative ownership and lifestyles could optimize economic and sociotherapeutic regenerativity,

recreating cooperative Win-Win cultural assumptions

from that old-school pre-millennial Win-Lose competitive economics,

permaculturaling our wealth of nations;

Composting Earth’s natural systemic information,

co-passionate comprehensive consciousness grows Universal Justice.”



According to the individual’s compassion, the individual practices integrative justice;

According to the family’s compassion, the family practices inclusive justice;

According to the Beloved Community’s investment in downstream cooperative compassion,

the community practices ecological justice with and for communities

both upstream and downstream.

How do I know Earth Rights and Wealth of Justice evolve this way?

Earth’s natural flow and function is my compost,

as Her regenerative flow and function is your Elder.”


During the subsequent long warm summer days

of maturing gardens and wisdom,

the ReGenesis Community’s Universalist Justice Prophets of the Unraveling Future

and Unitarian Compassion Mystics of Reweaving Cultural Herstory,

stewed this steamy stone soup compost.


Each prophet and mystic, Yanger and Yinner, Universalist and Unitarian,

shares his and her struggles with injustice and need,

we sing our segregating sexual, racial, ecological, economic, political, historical and cultural hurt and disappointment,

we dirge our painful risks of exposure,

and anger about harm and violence to and with all Earth’s nature.

including every “my nature matters” message and slogan and sign of impending flying apart, rather than investing in flying together.

We decompose our chronic sub-optimizing economies of impoverishment,

our wants and hopes with literally evaporating faith in anthrocentric future prospects.

We grapple for life fully lived in the future,

at least as well as now.


These are gratefully shared

within our families and cooperative residences,

within our diverse ReGenesis committees and projects,

commissions and vocations,

within our PTA education-as-if-life-mattered consumer co-ops,

and our public policy production and vocation industries,

our homeless shelters, prisons, rehab centers, and asylums.


Our Autumn Perennial Harvest Report begins, “True justice is no more anthro-centric than ego-centric. No more ego-centric than Left-brain dominant.


“Perhaps our permacutural justice opera is sung in a difficult and challenging key, but it cannot be a song if there is no full-octave key accessible within each, and equitably shared by all.”


“Compassion seeds suffer and burst, struggle and strain, first within our dark winters,

toward ego-Left and eco-Right balanced root systems,

seeking peace-filling integrity of justice for ourselves,

and then others,

our interdependent co-passionate mentors and messiahs,

and then Earth Herself, with all nature’s species and Tribes,

within all revolving time,

advocate for all generations of life.


Universal Justice expands up and out Yang from Unitarian compassion roots,

Yang from Yin,

mutually consuming and productive cycles of becoming fit to thrive together.


Universal Justice flowers from Unitarian bicultural yang/yin balance,

as Left to Right hemispheric balance,

as West to Eastern cultural wisdom,

as space from time’s unfolding,

rhythm from rhyme’s iconic order,

rational logic from eco-logically informed systemic function,

deductive reason discerned from inductive,


reconnecting wisdom.


Left from Right

as regathering nature from regifting Elder spirits,

as belonging grows from longing to reconnect,

as July’s bloom emerges from January’s gloom.



“Communication of justice,

to be communication at all,

must be a cooperative enterprise;

not a competitively punishing exercise in dominatrix.


Information about rights and wrongs,

to be informing,

to be formational at all,

to have integrity,

to become integrative,


must be a transaction between cooperative subjects with a shared nutritional growth objective.


Life, to be fully lived,

and not decadent, diseased, dissonantly restrained, victimizing and violent,

to avoid rushing madly toward flat-line economic segregating death

while still breathing bad air

and beating bad blood;

This polycultural kinda “beloved” justice emerges from cooperative co-passionate vocations

with and for and of all Earth’s Tribes, species, trees and forests and oceans.

Polycultural justice equivalently loves all Earth’s mutually grateful, resonant, seasons and generations,

including summer’s heated gratitude for the suffering sadness of winter,

Polycultural justice invites all Earth’s Past and Future Redeemer Regenerations to Universally Permacultural Life.”


And, so, with this Great Transitional season upon us,

all Beloved ReGenesis Unitarian Universalists said:





May we breathe out more fully Unitarian co-passionate light.

May we go forth full-breathing in Universal Light of Justice.

May we add our UUs together, to resolve this hot mess of compassionate Win-Win justice  for our ecosystemic bodies and soils, souls and minds.

May we suffer and forgive with gratitude each of Earth’s generous and lovely mutual mentors and messiahs,

transgenerationally revolving back to the beginning of Time’ Universal Integrity and Beloved polycultural consciousness.


Note: Remarks and Benediction prepared for USH, Hartford, CT, July 12, 2015.



I am thinking there may be an important difference between a pro-peace activist and an anti-violence protester. In a way, their relationship reminds me of that between a prophetic biosystem, like John the Baptist, and a messianic system, like Jesus of Nazareth.

Too many prophets and not enough messiahs makes for a sadly brow-beaten culture, with a beat-down Left-hemispheric dominant temporal trajectory. We emerge into Yin’s time to dance her balanced-harmonics, singing folk-ballads with intuitive ecological choreography.

Anyway, I spend way too much time protesting my violent cultures, environments, ecosystems with overheated climates. It is simply too easy to be against violence, because no one is pro-violence, no one wants to overheat our atmosphere, our political and economic and sociopathological climates. There isn’t a Republican or Democratic, capitalist or communist or libertarian or sectarian platform that advocates violence for the sake of how great violence is in and of itself. So, protesting our own already-disvalued violence doesn’t appear to be a really strong platform for the would-be Prophet of Peace.

So, this seems to bring us into the reverse frame, our cultural values and disvalues around growing and maintaining a more peaceful ecology and economy. Here is where we start losing potential allies, primarily through neglect, because we are so,… I don’t know,… ACTIVE protesting against those who believe their self-interests might be compromised by cultural and financial shifts toward cooperatively systemic peaceful, inclusive, diversely sustainable value functions and flow frequencies. If I pay my mortgage quite nicely building submarine parts and information technologies, or research that might be useful for strengthening our self-defense systems, in some eco-dislogical way, then I am going to experience some cognitive dissonance about this. It will be very risky for short-term goals, goals that are now lifetime bucket lists, to hear prophets against people like me who are somewhat less pro-peace than self-appointed as “I’m better baptized in ecological value Orthodoxy than you are!” Messengers.

Again, for the second time, we sub-optimize our messianic intent by using too-unprophetically ineffective messages. Enough with the negative campaigning already! Let’s keep growing this newer messianism for peace and inclusive equity and sustainability through clearly articulate mentoring, confining our teaching tendencies to something that feels more like story-telling or show-and-tell. And maybe even some stand-up comedy, on occasion. Laotse said he intended his Wisdom to invite laughter in response, from those who most deeply understood his poetry.

Perhaps we could demonstrate how useful submarine technology might become for researching how schools of fish need not learn how to move and surge and ebb synchronously, peacefully, equitably, because they appear to be wired to the same functional frequencies, regardless of spatial separation, and is this somehow related to those appositionally displaced quanta or QBits, or whatever they are calling them these days? This is a big issue for me! Seriously!  I would like to know if that’s just a coincidence or do both of these freaky flow adjustments point to some deeply-rooted Pro-Peace Sustainability Awareness of ecological and permacultural stability strategies. Do plasmatic neurons somehow enthymematically intuit abundantly cooperative temporal-flow systems and network dynamics, perhaps by largely neglecting to get their more egocentric systemic surroundings all riled up, and once more further over-heated?

Messiahs and Shambhala Warriors and the Salvation Army are actively pro-peace and justice  confluent, cooperative, developmental, regenerative producers and mentors and absorbent, positive-teleological nurturers, feeding smooth-structured systems and networks that present lowest long-term ecological and economic risk for global investment. This could be why our shared messiah vocation is ideally responsive to polypathic, positively deviant, ecosystemically logical, economically-efficient mentors.

Now see, that’s where Jesus messed up. He gave control of his economy to the one guy who was willing to compromise on keeping peace in the family of disciples, and not at all inclined to derive investment plans holonically, much less by mutually grateful consensus. Optimal messianic mentors understand, feel, the skill of dynamically facilitating positive teleological trends within themselves, their families, communities, species, cultures, economies, ecosystems, ecotherapies, and Earth.

This Christian Messianic Inspired Event reminds me to pursue EarthTribal Peace with more dancing in reiteratively emergent diapraxis  story-circles, less violent driving and marching and shopping in over-heated public squares.