Our Home Right and Wrong

Earth’s Rights
and Lefts
and to
a Healthy Climate;
and please not so much climatic pathologies
for Her
and all her EarthTribal RNA/DNA encrypted species,
extended families,
if you could imagine for a minute
this vast coin-sedately breathing organic network
hoping together for Earth’s Present Future Rights,
and not those pesky Wrongs.

Whaddaya mean?
Earth could have no rights.
It’s a planet
not a person.

Oh, great, a heckler.
Just what I need right now.
Excuse me, didn’t you give corporations ecopolitical rights of persons?
Can’t you see Earth as the ultimate incorporated person?
with internationally protected rights and responsibiities
and ecological authorities
to behave with ecotherapeutic healthy nutritious ecopolitical practice?

I thought so.
Earth wants us to know
She agrees with our ecologists and economists
and our more cooperative multicultural political leaders
seeking to advance healthy-wealthy climates
and recess those too pathological.

She wants us to remember
together we have every regenerative right of therapeutic solidarity
to broadly expand current normative exegesis
of our PermaCultural Golden Rule:

Do to Earth
as She has done,
is doing,
and is cooperatively committed to regeneratively continue evolving
into our future time;
as you would optimally trend HealthWealth Quality Improvement
through WinWin strategies of Cooperative EcoPolitical Systems,
biological outcomes,
as you would have Her continue unto/with you
and all your future and past fellow-EarthTribe
bilateral-binomial-binary-functional dipolar investments
on through all our future healthy multiculturally
cooperative-normed regenerations,
resolutions, etc…

Following diastatically elational,
bliss-filled beautiful harmonious
irresolutely nonpolynomially exformationally out
away from (0)Core dualdark cosmology,

Predicting regeneratively reweaving healthy
Black Hole MultiFrequencied Blissful
dipolar co-arising
Yang/Yin humors,
climates of health v pathology
in all ecosystems evolving
from and toward
historic-cultural paradigm development,
Creation Stories of myth with logos,
yin as yang,
RightInductive-Recessive as LeftBrain Deductive-Dominant.

Neither natural nor encultured conduct codes
have any interest in healthy v pathological norms and behaviors
of corporations and their rights and responsibilities.
Law and logic are neutral
regarding public health.

I doubt your law is so anemic.
But, if true,
we need to work on that,
preferably in a more multiculturally inclusive-cooperative way
of dialectal discernment
for ecopolitical WinWin choice-making,
as mentored by regenerative Earth’s nondual co-arising Rights
of Healthy Nature-Spirit EcoSystems.

So corporate Earth’s Rights
are to be exegeted by natural law
as if kosmic karma,
coincidental past cause with future regenerate/degenerate outcomes?

And Grace,
don’t forget about our Evangelicals,
Western and Middle-Eastern Fundamentalists,
who themselves too pathologically forget
that Grace is just another word for love.

And Buckminster Fuller comprehended love
as just another metaphysical word
for physical-natural-spiritual-ergodic-ionic-eutaxic
prime relational fractal-octave
harmonic integrating synergy,
like photosynthetic regenesis
as primal relationship of Sun’s fertile Light
with Earth’s Green/Blue double-boundaried in/out
(0)-soul evolving healthy cooperative BubbleSkin.

You begin with Earth Rights
to end with BubbleSkin therapy?

Recycling of time’s revolutions
either has no beginning or end
or these are each appositional faces of
bicameral EarthElite v AnthroNonElite ecopolitical revolution,
learnin’ us some lessons in mutual cooperativity.


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