Struggling of and for Mental Health Climates

If I became a paranoid schizophrenic
I would begin channeling Jesus of Nazareth
but, instead, dealing with my real world dysfunctional family,
with co-messianically depressing delusions
refracting illusions of gift-it-forward co-redemptive grandeur
leading pilgrim explorations into remembering embryonic hopes
of and for regenerativity
as clearing out remaining cognitive-affective dissonance
about messiah life ecopolitical assignations,
climates and constitutions,
frames and dialects and double-binding spacetime boundaries
as notnot Bodhisattva ego-death
and Yang politics as equivalent fair-share trust co-arising Not(NotYin)
WinWin CoOperative NewFeminist Economics,
+/-,- X/Y U/C (0)/4-Prime dimensional RNA,
fertile fractal-fusing
metamorphic transubstantiating nature/spirit reiterations,
revolutions of ecoconscious light/health wave-bilateral linear
nondual co-arising dualdark climate pathologies of dissonant emptiness,
interior/exterior landscapes predicting timeless crucifying duststorms

Pausing briefly for full-octave rainbows of manic divine elational bliss
predicting further interior/exterior merging climate pathologies of paranoia
predicting appositionally sustainable mental health bliss as
wu wei Tipping Points in-between Yang struggling with Yin,
animus ecologic greeting namaste with beauty/truth sacred anima,
our narrow permaculturing way
with one multiparadigmatic
bicameral polypathic
deep learning Golden Rule EarthClimate Revolution,

interdependently evolving healthywealth enthymematic gate

Open to all us Positive Pronoiac Polypathic ReWeaving EcoPolitically Cooperative Psychologists,
Optimally Nutritional/Fertile Syncretic Communicators, Facilitators
EcoTherapists and Peace Negotiators,
PermaCultural Designers and Developers,
CoOperative Economic Political Health Policy Leaders and Candidates
with global healthywealthy climate issues foremost in our mindbodies.

Preferably neither too awfully paranoid
nor too-competitively schizophrenic disintegrative identities
discontinuously conjoining
these primal interior/exterior climate/culture emerging issues,
more co-messianically functioning as extended positive-nutritional families
for global climate health, outside and inside our own skin,
as Earth’s Multicultural ClimateHealth Interface.


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