Creation Story

If you have a favorite Creation Story,
one that makes your Ego self-identity swell,
and stay that way,
then you also have a favorite ecopolitical narrative
about how you would prefer your economic development
might optimize your ecological outcome abundance.

For example,
for Christians,
is the Messianic re-creation story
merely redemptive grace coming in?
Or more precisely co-redemptive,
where grace,
like money,
flows more abundantly
when everybody has more than enough gift-it-forward love to go around?

So, which evolutionary Creation Story
you politically choose to invest in
is your primally significant economic decision,
to optimize your health as wealth extending life–
WinLose self-redemption over other economic players,
or WinWin co-redemption
with other ecologically economic cooperating investors.

How was EarthTribe regeneratively formed
to ethologically function?
For me, with as much multicultural self-perpetuating freedom as possible
for all species of co-intelligent design living now,
Elders past still flowing through,
and future co-redeemers to follow.


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