Redundancies of Sleepy History

Ego Yang always seems to get Left in our stories,
to monopolize our creation history,
while Eco Yin keeps whispering that she’ll be Right out
as soon as she feels more feminist-matriotic nurtured,
invited with a more resonant flow-integrity,
appreciated as a more cooperative balance of grace.

This goes on
until Yang’s diastasis of self-improvement
and cooperative Yintegrating stasis
become one passage through time’s bilateral portal
of emerging light through life’s embryonic dualdark reweaving,
incarnating DNA rememories of all past lives
still emerging humane-divine,
Left-Right night out and day in
Earth’s wildly and richly and deeply revolving
landscaped skin of yin nurturance
lightening and darkening in response to Yang/Yin
Light’s fertile solar/lunar ebb and flow climates
of pre-organic enculturing history
of Yang/Yin redundantly peaceful revolutions.

The more broadly we draw this ecology
of humaneing-divining EarthTribe EcoLogic
Left-Right mindbody health development,
the more predictable and deductively mind-numbing we become.

The more precisely, specifically,
we speak about each economic-political empowering/disempowering choice,
of toothpaste,
parental mentorship styles,
entertaining personalities,
stand up and still lying around comedians,
tensions within and/or without and/or within/without,
all those options learned in geometry, systems theory,
information and group and game theory,
and literature’s great hope for narrative plot-development,
the more overwhelmed by redundant boredom with my pen
and train of ruminating permacultural health planning
as Yang/Yintegral balancing design.

To live in some in-between
Tipping Poignant Community of speakers
and listeners,
readers and writers of history’s recreative times
degenerating Yang’s self-won isolation
to regenerate a more multiculturally articulate ecology—
our more Beloved Paradise of EarthTribe’s nutritional dialects,
speaking and imaging polypathically
of this, Earth’s ecologically sacred health integrity
toward non-triumphalistic strengths,
and yet still too sleepy deep listening rooted,
dreamy pilgrimage of DNA/RNA deep WisdomWealth enculturation.

Another LeftBrain Yang day and dreamy RightBrain Yintegrating night,
another Yang/Yin recreation story,
another volume of EarthTribe’s history
waiting to be LeftIn/RightOut redundantly rewritten.


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