Supremacy of Racial EcoPolitics

A racist favors separation of races.
Racists come in two varieties,
but both behaviorally favor separation of races,
if not theoretically,
then practically,
too comfortable with past apartheid,
such as all White faith communities,
for one nonexclusively intended example,
practicing our habitual ecosystemic politics of mistrust.

Racists favor separation of their race
from that of others
to further ecopolitical praxis of assumed racial superiority,
which is the ongoing mutual disempowerment story of racism.

There is no authentic empowerment side
in our racism story
because we are all weaker when we prefer to fly apart
and stronger when we fly more multiculturally deep-enriched,

In our choices of community investment,
when and where do we seek co-empowerment
of the cooperative multicultural purse?
rather than Business As Competing-Racism Usual.

Competing to defend our birthright separated standing
in life’s survivalist-revivalist pecking order,
is a dull monochromatic defensive position
within WinLose gaming positions,
entirely inappropriate for WinWin multiculturing opportunities,
self-other regenerative optimization
for Beloved Health-Wealth Communities.


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