The Taoist Stands Up

So, yes, I’m a Taoist
A lotta’ people ask me about what that means,
to be a Taoist.

And, I usually ask
What do you mean,
what does it mean?
Who said it was supposed to mean anything,
or even everything?
You must be a notnot Taoist,
everything’s supposed to mean something.

Well, you’re always goin’ on about the bad-boy nihilists
and their WinLose economic and political games
of climate pathology
as if this is more dissonant noise,
so I guess I figured,
if you’re against nihilism,
then you have to be for some meaning or purpose,
maybe even some grand polypathically inclusive design,
ecologically sustainable repurpose,
who knows?
But, you know, something…
and not just nothing.

Oh, sorry.
I think you meant to ask me what I am for.
If you recall,
you asked what does it mean to be a Taoist,

Well, if you’re a Taoist,
and that means not a nihilist,
then aren’t those two ways of asking the same question
of your existential meaning?

Oh, Lord, I hope not!
Taoism is about as existential
as high school math is ecologically organic.

I’m not sure I follow either half of those organic chemistry equations,
but anyway,
are you avoiding my curiosity question?

Oh no!
yes, the question about what does it mean to me to be a Taoist?
Well, that’s the tricky wu-wei part,
there are an infinite number of ways I might define this (0)-soul
revolutionary-integrative-unitarian-syncretic-consilient-synergetic pie,
but, essentially,
if you realize that to become a Taoist
also means to notnot be a LeftBrain DominatingYang AntiEarth Taoist,
then you begin to RightBrain get the economic and political,
as ecological
and nutritional
and healthy
and climate health
and creation story of YangSpaceLeft/YinTimeRight
EcoBalancing Tao (0)’s SpaceTime
for a better Revolutionary TransMillennial History of Health Conjecture.

OK, there for a minute you had me,
but I still get hung up on the co-arising nondual ecosystemic geometry of zeroism stuff,
not to mention the equivalent resonance of Group with Game Theory.

Not to worry.
If any of that is important toward your own polypath,
then it’s also notnot ego/eco-balancing,
LeftYang with Elder Right Yintegral.
We’re all on the same DNA/RNA multiculturing
as polyculturingly nutritional evolutionary journey.

Well, no, I mean I’m not intending to necessarily join your Taoist Tribe.

That is fortunate,
as I’m sure you are much too busy
in your own notnot Taoist Left-Right climate health journey.
Hope everything zero-sum balances out for you,
rather than more climate pathology later.


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