The Christian-Taoist Stands Down

I was baptized as a Christian,
once or twice.
It’s not so much that the baptism ritual malfunctioned
in some series of unfortunate events;
It’s more like Taoism as my primary ecopolitical health system,
or religion,
or metaphysic,
or whatever kind of evolutionary,
perpetually eisegetical-hypothetical,
label you choose to slap on the box
you decide to keep me in,
was (0)Riginally Intended as an ego-hyphenated eco-system.

That works out well for creating hybrids of anything cultural:
Zen-Taoist, although that would be highly redundant,
Zeroist-Taoist, although, again,
be prepared to fall asleep
as metaphysically orthodox ethologists debate
whatever there is of any phylogenic difference
between the Yang and Yin positions
within that notnothing nondual hybrid.

So, as a baptized Christian-Taoist,
it’s easier to see syncretic bridges between cultural faith-learning systems
with those who do use the Christian label for themselves
and with those who would adamantly declare their enthusiasm to be,
and always and forever remain,
anything but Christian.

I run into this a lot with atheists,
who are also climate health activists:

No! I’m not a capitalist-fundamentalist Christian EarthRaper,
I’m an Atheist,
always with a capital A,
or I’m a Unitarian Universalist,
although these are more like UnTheists,
or I’m a Humanist,
or a Wiki of some nature-spirit nondualist-feminist
matriarchally self-other cooperative empowering-with-not-over persuasion.

So, being a Taoist,
when speaking with a Christian ecologist,
just means I’m a not YangLeft Dominant
or YinRight Dominant
Ego/Eco climate-health balancing
charter member of the Bodhisattva MindBody of Christ.

Not meaning to make that sound like a cake walk,
but I’m saying my Taoist sensory awareness
of nutritionally regenerate v degenerating evolution
of internal LeftEgo
and external RightSacred-Integral Eco,
Yang-Yin EcoSystemic (0)-sum Balance,
is about as multiculturally
and polypathically
PermaCulturally Design-ish
of co-arising nondual Climate Health
as I’ve been able to hunt and gather
during my polypathically extending Positive Psychological family journey,
so ecopolitically WinWin far.

I’m a Christian-Taoist,
coredemptive learning cooperative economies
means I’m always politically open to nutritionally-intended suggestions
for further regenerativity.


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