The Second Principle of Ego and Eco Systems

Obtain a regenerative yield,
a positive,
rather than negative, feedback loop,
better than an absence of harmonic feedback screech
of mental and physical madness,
political parties become monocultural mobbing holocausts,
bodies become cancerous hoarders,
churches designed by and for
hierarchical inequalities of spiritual-natural responsibility
for plutocratic celibate authorities, presumably hetero,
males only,
and don’t even ask them to start thinking outside their god-given triage
about transgenderal nurturing opportunities
within Earth’s nondual co-arising Paradise.

How do we distinguish
between a healthy garden and a weed patch?
By nurtured nutritional outcomes,
positive yield,
inclusively diversifying so more robust profits,
growing healthy wealth creolizing potential,
including harvesting of seeds and bulbs
for our next even more cooperatively self-governing regeneration.

How do we distinguish
between a church or temple or synagogue
and a weed patch?
As above.

How do we distinguish
between playing with abundant time vocations
and indentured competing against time servitudes?
Same answer,
where seeds and bulbs
are cooperative,
unfold reverse-hierarchically, from within,
composed of and for multiculturing interdependent relationships
which we nutritionally enable together
as Earth’s Common Cooperative Church as Garden
producing positive nutritious yields
for and of future faithful self-with-other
ego/eco balancing
doing our best to obtain a positive every-day
responsible yield for us, together
cooperatively-held, owned, governing,
nurturing and nutritious authorities.

The Second Principle of Permaculture Design:
Capture and ReInvest
your regenerative vocational yield,
and not so much the other yucky stuff.


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