Culture of Integrity

Let’s declare solidarity as power and ownership with,
and older client-service models
are power and ownership toward.

Herein lies this with and toward difference
birthed by here and not-yet WinLose capitalizing norms
pervading our non-profit
and for-profit public/private
eco-political capital sectors,
suboptimizing mutually threatening losses
substituting for WinWin cooperative self-with-other equivalent ownership,
Golden Rule cooperative owner rooting
in sacred mutually organic subsidiarity
of grace and wonder
and healthy curiosity,
holistic integrity.

Evolving current competitive LeftBrain dominance
of WinLose Either/Or thinking
rather than advocating revolutions of and for cooperative Both/And
Left/Right ecosystemic balance,
both notnot and for regenerative integrating profits
shared through mutually subsidiary individual
and family
and tribal
and community
and state
and bioregional networks
cooperatively owned
originally intended
and also Self/Other Earth-centered governing.

Let’s declare solidarity
mutually-held power and ownership
with regenerative WinWin integrity
including both past and future generations
optimally resonating resolutions
primal peaceful revolutions.




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