Dangerous Cowards

There was an earlier time
that came to mind
this day I heard dangerous fears and angers
called cowardice instead,
back 200 years ago
in the United States,
when Northern industrialists,
relying on southern cotton
to mill fabrics
clothing cotton-picking slaves
and other whiter folks,
joined Southern slave-owners
to refer to Abolitionists
as cowards.

Moral cowards
for threatening Orthodox ecopolitical viability
as it was misunderstood
in that 200 year old time and place.

Naming radicalized revolutionaries
might provoke despair
to further points of violence against innocents,
the non-bullies of democratic process,
majority rule,
but will not dissuade inpatient intolerance
of their view
that what we say of them
is what we, in fact, are.

Whether this radicalized voice and action
is to Abolish further violence,
further buying and selling of sacred nature
further hubris of owning what can only be gifted,
borrowed through mutual consent,
or to Abolish established inclusive democratic peace,
makes all the morally healthy difference.
Yet, in either case,
whether healthy or pathological radicalization,
naming the Abolisher a coward and a fool
needing to be stamped out
will merely spread this nascent revolution
toward further violence growing higher boundaries
to hopes for cooperative sanity.

When we look behind the normal public tour
of terrorist acts and actors,
the rhetorical reviews and guided stories
most frequently told,
we are likely to find a long familiar risk
to public health;
variations on cultures of patriarchal abuse,
matriarchal neglect,
and desecration of RightBrain ecopolitical equivalence.

For this reason, if no other,
choosing emasculating words
like cowardly and disloyal
and unfaithful,
is a choice to notice only deception
while revolutionary inception festers into flowering
further blasts of suppressed anger
hyped up hate
furthering Earth’s climates
of pathological fear.


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