ReGenerating Abundance

“Gratitude plants the seed
for abundance.”
Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, p. 376

Attitude plants the seed
for growing love,
positive relationships.

Objectives plant the seed
for developing subjects,
stories of not only where we have been,
but where this indicates we are heading.

Love plants the seed
for growing integrity
with faithfulness to stories
already complete
and yet to arrive.

Hope plants the seed
for evolving faith.

Despair decomposes the seed
for dissonance,
absence of integrity.

Decomposition degenerates the seed
for regenerative development.

Competing alternatives plant the seed
for hybrid creolizing cooperatives.

Totalitarian WinLose intent
decomposes the seed
for healthier multiculturing WinWin democracy.

Darkness bilateral,
within and without,
decomposes the seed
for bicameral light.

Light plants the seed
for gratitude.

Gratitude plants the seed
for polyphonic plenty.


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