Political Poetry Bowl

Vulnerability is rich soil for gratitude
while Yang strength is rockier,
less robust for absorbing flows of nurturing waters.

Just as gratitude
is richer soil for abundance
than Yang attitudes
of elitist patriarchal supremacy.

At Yang’s perpetual adolescent table,
each diner has his family’s autonomous bowl and spoon
of diverse inherited sizes.
The object of this eating nutrition game
is to grab as much of Earth’s Common HealthWealth
as possible,
to keep your bowl not just full,
but overflowing into storage bins
and deposit boxes.

Good Yang capitalists,
well-fed to corpulence,
are not known for their satiated abundance,
but more for insatiable hunger for more
food in their wealth bowls today,
unaware that Earth’s crops of storage bins
and deposit boxes
encroach now across the Commons garden
of formerly more organic nutritional abundance.

Yin has no such strong autonomous table.
Here Gaia is known as a OneBowl-OneSpoon economy
playing universal Golden Rule cooperative politics.

As political capitalism’s OneBowl Earth
separates wealth for those inside our OneBowl
from health,
especially for those on the margins
of our One Matriarchal Gratitude Bowl,
then competitive abundance tips toward cooperative recessions,
away from abundance
toward insatiability of Yang’s autonomous
growing numbers of bowls and spoons
of widely disparate inherited sizes,
where biggest might of great abundance
never fills each glutted plutocratic bowl
not yet sufficient for paranoid insecurity’s conservation needs,
sufficiency in defensive competition with all Others.

At some point Yang might notice
that all patriarchal competing bowls
of diverse sizes and colors and cultures and nutrients,
derive from our one GaiaEarth Bowl
with One Ecological Spoon,
feeding Yin vulnerability
toward matriarchal gratitude
and, thereby, cooperative ecopolitical abundance,
and not so much falsely autonomous Yang short-term strength
feeding anthrocentric competitions and racisms
toward capital violent-industrialized
marketing of Earth’s remaining scarcity
for Yin/Yang OneBowl-OneSpoon
ecological life.


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