Political Poetry Bowl

Vulnerability is rich soil for gratitude
while Yang strength is rockier,
less robust for absorbing flows of nurturing waters.

Just as gratitude
is richer soil for abundance
than Yang attitudes
of elitist patriarchal supremacy.

At Yang’s perpetual adolescent table,
each diner has his family’s autonomous bowl and spoon
of diverse inherited sizes.
The object of this eating nutrition game
is to grab as much of Earth’s Common HealthWealth
as possible,
to keep your bowl not just full,
but overflowing into storage bins
and deposit boxes.

Good Yang capitalists,
well-fed to corpulence,
are not known for their satiated abundance,
but more for insatiable hunger for more
food in their wealth bowls today,
unaware that Earth’s crops of storage bins
and deposit boxes
encroach now across the Commons garden
of formerly more organic nutritional abundance.

Yin has no such strong autonomous table.
Here Gaia is known as a OneBowl-OneSpoon economy
playing universal Golden Rule cooperative politics.

As political capitalism’s OneBowl Earth
separates wealth for those inside our OneBowl
from health,
especially for those on the margins
of our One Matriarchal Gratitude Bowl,
then competitive abundance tips toward cooperative recessions,
away from abundance
toward insatiability of Yang’s autonomous
growing numbers of bowls and spoons
of widely disparate inherited sizes,
where biggest might of great abundance
never fills each glutted plutocratic bowl
not yet sufficient for paranoid insecurity’s conservation needs,
sufficiency in defensive competition with all Others.

At some point Yang might notice
that all patriarchal competing bowls
of diverse sizes and colors and cultures and nutrients,
derive from our one GaiaEarth Bowl
with One Ecological Spoon,
feeding Yin vulnerability
toward matriarchal gratitude
and, thereby, cooperative ecopolitical abundance,
and not so much falsely autonomous Yang short-term strength
feeding anthrocentric competitions and racisms
toward capital violent-industrialized
marketing of Earth’s remaining scarcity
for Yin/Yang OneBowl-OneSpoon
ecological life.


Dear Donalds

I suppose by now you have noticed
there is an unfortunate difference
between draining the swamp
and becoming the swamp.

Swamp life promises fast thrills
but delivers slow and sure decomposition,
loneliness at the sadly shared bottom
of the top.

But, the swamp is also rich with creolization opportunities,
polycultural seductions and fertility,
cooperative marshes
trying to breathe
underneath our oil slick
toxic ego-incorporated politics.

To drain the swamp
we must first notice
we have become swamped.


Slow-Sure Building

“The idea of building something once to last
tends to occur to…practical people later in life,
after they have reconstructed a few things
they thought were good enough
at the time.”
David Holmgren, “Permaculture Principles and Pathways”

There is only
of each moment’s potential.

We are yintegrity flow
of yang’s x promise.

Where “x” equals:

Ecology, in Earth sciences
Biology, in life sciences
CoOperativity, in economic trans-actional evolutionary/devolutionary sciences
Democracy, in political sciences
Creolization, in evolutionary linguistics
Synergy, in Bucky Fuller’s 0-prime fractal geometrics
Syncretism, in religious and cultural studies
Deep Learning, in pedagogical theory
Consilience, in E.O. Wilson
Bilateral Processing, in Edward DeBono
Bicameral Balance, in Julian Jaynes’ ethology of anthropological history
Wisdom, in literature
Deduction, in-duction diction
ExFormation, in-formation
Reversion, in spacetime
3D causal space, in reverse temporal 4D image reflection
spiraling waves, in reiterative communication theory
feedback looping space, in two-dimensional pace
fractal bilaterals, in regenerative RNA/DNA systems
WinWin 0-sum harmony-seeking reiterations, in Game Theory
double-bindary, in digital polynomial strings of theory
double-negative thesis, in positive hypothesis
zero, in appositional dipolarity
notice, in understanding progress
value, in calculating qualitative quantities of symmetry
Golden Ratios, in Golden FlowRules
positive, in notnot
Yang, in YinSquared
Eulerian prime 0 relation, in speed of light fractal correlation, apposition
EcoLogos, in Earth’s creolizing ego democratizations of YangYin Center

“See the [impatient egocentric] dark,
recognize its power,
but do not feed it.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Braiding Sweetgrass”

And certainly don’t vote for it.
Don’t even nominate it
for further self-infested powers.


Seeking Mature Leaders

When I am searching for a healthy leader,
a wise teacher,
a mature mentor,
I look for someone who knows from experience
when a family member dies
a cherished part of her or himself
also is lifetime lost.

I look more for someone
who at least might feel,
even for a short moment,
that s/he would prefer
it had been her or himself.

Why does this matter?
Because without this maturity of extended family identity,
adolescent and even childish issues evoke ego-mania
rather than wiser and slower and steadier eco-passion
with other human natures
as with other EarthTribe cellular health natures.

Cells whose purpose becomes reduced to self-thrival
grow leaders of cancerous pathology.
Cells whose purpose remains to reproduce
their full contribution to organic families,
their extended forests of life,
their ecological eco-root systems,
are those mentors
my healthy wealth most needs
and craves
and would gladly step-aside from my personal agenda
to listen to
and learn
what remains of our synergetic purpose,
regenerative meaning.

I would be more drawn to a parent
who would say
My son broke the law
because I asked him to,
and he trusted me to not ask him to do
or not do
anything that would become a problem for him.

I would steer away from someone
who would say
My son did it on his own qualitative initiative
and never said a word to me about it,
but I respect him anyway.

by the way,
those corporations that fell apart
while I was CEO,
well they did that all on their own
right after I drew my final paycheck
and quarterly return on my short-term investment.

I would not nominate such a person
for public office,
or even any private office,
for s/he does not know the wisdom of a healthy cell,
s/he has not felt the crippling loss of a wise mentor,
and is thereby her/himself exposed to monoculturing cannibalistic tendencies
of self and other exploitation,
eating our young;
not strong CEO maturity
because not a strong mentor of future compassionate CEOs.


Seeking HealthCare Experience

I recently have heard
from a people of growing remorse,
Perhaps we should add to Presidential prerequisites
some prior experience in public service.

While this has always been a personal requirement,
I had not thought we would need a legal restriction,
where logical and moral imperatives are so blatantly transparent
and mutually compatible.

If you need heart and brain surgery
and have a list of candidates to choose from,
And you instead choose your dentist
because you are uncertain about those distant names
but you know how your dentist smells and tastes,
then we should be alarmed
if you also propose
to lead our way on health care planning
and Earth climate therapies,
compassionate reassurance,
especially when early drafts specifically disinvest
of dental care,
and inside
and outside nutritional development
for public as extended family service.


The Senior Center’s Budgeting Party

We started slow and old-growth
yet steady.

The Senior Democrats
and Republicans
and Libertarians
and Independents
hosted a Community Integrity budgeting party.

Party favors were ballots
with options for small,
and extra large service sectors
beginning with agriculture and permaculture support
and ending with zoning and long-term planning expenses;
the whole A through Z list of community services
we want for and with each other,
sometimes less,
sometimes more,
yet always competing less for cooperative more.

This Community Integrity Party
looked and felt like
an Old-Growth ReForesting Party.

We began with separate caucuses
to discern these diverse quantitative options
as to their quality of cooperative root systemic investment.

Education small
would remove more holistic arts and therapies
of music and dance troupes and bands
and choreographed orchestrations,
organic and regenerative harvesting and replanting
rhythms and harmonies,
painting murals of hope
and writing sonnets of creatively
and re-creatively
healing history.

No one liked that,
although some Old-Growth Republicans began to look wistful.

Education medium
was Business As Boringly Usual.
Budgets to feed evolving minds and bodies
competing with investments in more sewer lines
feeding our rivers less toxins
yet not feeding our top reforesting soil more fertility.

Education large
began with cooperatively owned and managed pre-schools
and ended with post-doctoral studies
in synergetic community as forestry enrichment
for optimizing mutual health-wealth
ethical and aesthetic designs.

Education extra large
suggested listening and learning would become our primary mission,
non-violent service of and for our municipality,
cooperative ownership and governance
of regenerative,
annually reiterative,
Slow and Old-Growth ReEducation Parties,
feeding symbiotic organic fertilizers
to harvest health and wealth optimizing economic
and political outcomes.

Once the three caucuses were finished,
we formed one party circle
to compare reforesting notes,
to look for harmonies
and dissonance,
to see what both could together teach us
about further listening and learning
who to nominate as Community Integrity candidates.

We started our reforesting inside and out party
slow and old-growth steady,
then began raising young candidates
to manage family and community integrity,
living in and on our slow and old-growth reforesting
Cooperative NonViolent Education Planet.