Sacred Ecology

I first ran across this term
Sacred Ecology
while reading Gregory Bateson
sharing a phylogenic
and holonic creolization
of biological ecosystemic language
with others speaking of integrity
as more primal and powerful
than ecopolitical and psychic separations
of ecosystemic feelings-Right Sacred (0)Soul
and egocentric developing language facts-Left Secular (0)Sum,
balanced together
also captured by WinWin Cooperative-Matriarchal Gaming Cultures
following Nutrition’s ReGenerative Flow.

Vandana Shiva,
in Staying Alive
and Development
might agree with my own growing appreciation
for Matriarchal Reparations.
It’s time, straight guys,
to return Earth to more Her/His
cooperative Tipping Point balance,
rather than perpetual patriarchal squabbling.

Outcomes Ms. Shiva prescribes,
with some Taoist-Zeroist embellishment
are as follows:

1. Grow matriarchal localization and eco-regionalization
instead of ever more patriarchal lives matter most globalization–
Which looks a great deal like competitive capital-infested nationalism.
So, a corollary of #1:
Decrease ecopolitical fascination with national patriotic identities
as both too egocentric large and too Earth-uncentric small,
patriotism as anti-matriotic repression
within nationalistic supremacist ego-identities.

2. Yin as WinWin nonviolence
instead of competing over-aggressive Yang domination,
Right with Left bicameral balancing,
as per Edward DeBono and Julian Jaynes,
and maybe Gregory Bateson’s double-bind
notnot Sacred WuWei Ecology,
also spoken of by Ronald Laing
as a pathologist
and by Positive Psychologists
of diverse healing campuses
and therapeutic vocabularies.

3. CoOperative equity
and nondual co-arising reciprocity
instead of overbearing toxic competitions
within global through local
economies and sacred ecological politics.

4. Respect for sacred matriarchal nutritional integrity
of nature-spirit bicameral consciousness
and all Earth’s spiritually-naturally integrative co-arising species.

5. Understanding humans as part of,
instead of as patriarchal masters over,
natural-spiritual ecosystemic climates
and bio-systemic interior and exterior landscapes.

6. United Nations matriarchal protection
of nutritional production,
rather than fake junkfood,
overly-commodified and domesticated,
and put out as totally commercial bullshit pasteurized health assurance realities,
and promotion of biodiversity polyculturation
in cooperative production
and actively balancing Yin/Yang co-arising consumption,
deep sacred ecological learning,
as also matriarchal/patriarchal uniting nations wisdom.

I recently heard some talk about United Nations structural reform.
At first,
it seemed to have nothing to do with Sacred Ecology,
or any active hope thereof and therefore.

Yet, I wonder if we might consider
restricting national delegates
to previously poor and disenfranchised women of color
with their GLBT global through local alliances,
at least for a postmillennial era
for redeveloping
climates of cooperative health
rather than more of nationalistic
and sexist
and racist
and violent Other.

This might be called Matriarchal Reparations
for ecopolitical change
driven by (0)Sum WinWin
restorative reforesting peace and justice
for all EarthTribes
uniting integrity as nations
actively supporting WinWin bioregional health networks–
which would most certainly require an upgrade
in our ecopolitical wealth reparations
for restorative EarthJustice.


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