Great Transitional Practices

Spiritual practices,
like instinctively natural habits
and customs
and rituals,
teach powers of WinWin healthy intention
and darker powers of WinLose toxic pretensions
of egocentric Selves
and anthrocentric Societies

Anthrogentric Enculturations,
emergent evolutions
of an individual life
among a species’ regenerational/degenerational lives.

A responsible and cooperatively authoritative
EarthGentric Goal
for 2020 re-creation of healthy-wealth,
to invite more LeftBrain examined practices,
positive attitude gratitudes,
for RightBrain emergent emotions,
sacred intuitions,
deep ecological insights.

The U.S.
and China
and Russia
RightBrain spiritual experiences
of rabid LeftBrain totalitarianism
are filled with suppressed secularizing fears,
cultures of RightWing hate-marketing
and retributive war-mongering
threats and punishments
of just wars
turned sickeningly UnHoly Jihad.

Where limits are placed on restoring freedoms of healthy integrity,
against cooperatively organizing
and re-organizing,
and labor
producer-owned cooperatives
linked arm-in-arm with consumer EarthSoul networks,
democratically recreating WinWin
Left-Right HealthyWealth.

MegaPowers of LeftBrain totalitarianism
reflect ego-halflife
as a place ruled by competing separations
to avoid LoseLose Emptiness
vacuum of Future ReGenerative Hope,
despairing absence of CoPresent Promise.

WinWin Left with Right mindbodies
continue peacefully revolting
reweaving restorative justice consciousness
with permaculturing designs
for Great Transition Towns
inviting polypathic Community Cooperative Wisdom Models
of Paradise Rewinding
through creolizing remixing WinWins
away from further colonizing ritualistic repetitions,
piestistic fake-patriotisms,
repressions of an essential negative truth
shared by all more hopeful polyculturing outcomers,

If we continue to Lose ecopolitically
we continue to Lose healthy-wealth familiar habitability,
and vice-versa,
inside as outside,
socially above
as individually below,
and vice-versa.

EitherYang OrYin
as BothAnd,
and restoratively therapeutic

Deep spiritual practices,
like instinctively ecological habits
and customs
and rituals,
teach powers of WinWin healthywealth intention.


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