Free Love For Sale

Do you remember stories about the incensed 60s?

The smoke-filled Beatles,
and acrid flowering Hippies,
and Aquarian Age of Free Love.

It fizzled out.
It wasn’t such a Great Transition
as we had hoped.
Exhausted by Foreign and Civil Rights v Wrongs losses
by the later 70s,
further exterminated by AIDS
as God’s holy holocaust
retribution against FreeLove
during the 80s,
and on toward this Climate Restoration Challenge
to learn rules and disciplines of consciousness,
laws of order
for cooperative peace
polyculturing Original Constitutional Intent.

Free Love remained for sale
or rent
usually to the highest bidder.

I was disappointed about this fizzle,
although more of a journalist,
witness of history,
than an active Occupier of compelling CoOperative HerStory
in my Golden Era youth.

My youth researching and writing
and dreaming
about cooperative faith community development,
assuming that’s what we all
most WinWin hoped for.

I was, and remain, rooting for more graceful
and sacred gratitude outcomes,
global love,
even if not totally bottom-line self-other health optimizing,
WinWin good karma for All EarthTribes.

I still hope what we learn
from this more recent Free Love history,
Love is liberating
from hate
and fear
and anger-mongering
and violence-marketing,
selling Earth’s Soul as defended best
by investing in retributive just wars
and aggressions,
ever bigger and mightier Buttons.

Love grows vastly liberating of hate,
but is never free.

Love costs co-investors every cooperatively-owned thing,
every habituated and co-managed nature-spirit place,

Love costs every mature wise-loving thought
and image
and investment
of every person.

Love costs every WinWin deep learning-loving child.

Love co-arises every multicultural liberating advocate
of and for Revolutionary WinWin Youth,

Love invests in every mature democratic cooperative
owned by richly creolizing producers and consumers
with Original Constitutional Intent
of DNA WinWin Continuous Quality Improvement
wealth of health.

Love co-arises every WiseElder welfare of greening forests.

Love costs ecosystemic WinWin purple Valleys
in-between EgoYang ultra-violet Mountains
reflected in turgid turquoise Oceans
of polynomial identities,
dynamically breathing Organic Networks,

Love invests through polypathic EarthSoul Seeds,
reweaving polyphonic DeepLearning DNA-RNA Cooperatives.

Love resonates radiant RainbowTribes
singing in FullOctaves
of double-bound spacetime co-enlightenment;
double-fractal ultra-violet
EarthSoul Integrity.

Liberating rainbows of love
are not free;
Not free of WinWin disciplines expecting integrity,
but free for gratefully growing timeless integrity,
synergy of scales and values and nurturing octaves.

Love costs everything co-investing
co-arising everyplace
for all four ZeroSum Sacred Development Seasons,

Winters of impatient LoseLose Advent,
Springs of WinWin infancy,
Summers of WinWin millennially mountainous maturations,
Fall harvests
of Left-Right Winging
swinging co-integrity,
polypathic promise,
fully-rainbow invested.

Love is never free of healthy love.
Love without requited love
is not love;
it is longing for love’s return.

Love only co-arises
co-investing in all WinWin Others.


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