Hands of Earth

If hands of God could become
icons of energy democracy,
humane feet might cooperatively race
toward sacraments nurturing nutritional polypaths.

If pilgrim feet
are icons of nutritional democracy at work and sacred play,
bicameral brains
are skull-wombed symbols
for fractal holonic transformative octaves,

DoubleBound fractal hemispheres
bilaterally listening-speaking non-violence
so Left hand of Beauty
knows and applauds,
even liturgically celebrates,
what our RightMind of Wisdom
also pursues
of and for cooperative ownership
of radically co-investing Love’s Energy.

Emerging liberal-secular and conserving-sacred nurturing hands,
icons for democracy of nutrition optimizing Energy.

Hands work with bilateral cooperation
because consumer and producer consciousness evolves
from EgoLeft-EcoRight bicameral
sacredly deep-dense
listening to learn
ecological Balancing Energy,
as do regenerative healthy-wealth co-investments;

Medicinal therapies of Ancient DNA-RNA binomial Solidarity,
creolizing ecopolitical
and intimately co-empathic personal,
and warmly wet polyphonic seductive,

Secular truths with sacred polyphonic beauty,
nutritionally balancing energy
nurturing ergodic patterns,
ionic spiraling octaves of rhythm,
stardust rainbows,
radiant atmosphere,

Earth’s warm wet wombed
co-arising cosmological
Original Intent to grasp energy democracy with Left-Right
Brained humanely cooperative
polypathic-polyphonic co-relational harmonics

WinWin Holonic Spirit
of Ego-EcoLogos.

YangSecular Nutrition
with YinSacred Energy
dipolar co-arising Memory,
stength-flow optimization of EarthSoul,

Where humane hands of Gaia are
icons of cooperative energy democracy,
learning feet race back and forward
through rich nutritional polypaths.


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