Dreamer Cafe

Dear Franklin St. Four,

We have not met
but, no,
I’m not hoping to take money
or assets
away from you.

Quite the contrary.
Your rental building,
with four residential second and third floor units
above a first floor store front
is for sale–
and the seller knows nothing about this communication.

You could buy your building together
for no more
than your current rents–
probably somewhat less.

I’m hoping you will decide to buy your homes together
and repurpose your shared first floor space
for a Cooperative Dreamers Cafe
with child care during the day
and after-EcoSchool interns
for healthy cooperative evening recreation,
writing and song and dance,
ecotherapy repair and design and entertainment projects,
permaculturally designed
to share in this
your cooperative ZeroZone CoHousing Cafe.

Why would I care?
What’s in this for me?

I am a retired Permaculture Designer
recently relocated to Norwich
and certified to mentor Green STEM projects.

I’m looking for ways I can help,
especially in your town center area
and especially now that I don’t need to charge fees
for facilitation
of cooperatively-owned health and nutrition integrity projects.

So, if you are interested,
I would recommend
reading Permaculture Opera,
which will tell you far more
than you might truly care to know
about my family and me
and our therapeutic journey into this great transitional day
and cooperative-growing time.

If you buy it
on amazon.com
then my royalty share
will help support this project
should you all four choose
to move cooperatively forward.

But, I can also loan you a copy
or you can read all in it
and far more
for free
at http://www.gdill52.com.

With springtime hope
and resonant regard,

Gerald 0-Liver, PDC, MPA, MDiv


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