Teaching Integrity of Peace

What is our primal purpose
for continuing this troubling relationship?
asked Yang of Yin.

If you are clueless
then you have not been listening
to us
as actively as nondual times would predict,
replied Yin against Yang.

For me,
this purpose is to enjoy Sacred MotherEarth,
but I preferred to hear yours first,
your speaking grace
where silence contemplatively rules,
replied Yang more gently back to Yin.

As we both well know,
for me
each space is time sufficient
for ecological gratitude,
neither mere secular reasons of nature
nor more romantic euphoria of serene spirits
planting as you harvest what we more cooperatively nurture,
defined Yin toward Yang.

We are
this yintegrity of gratitude
for enjoying MotherEarth’s outdoor Golden Ruling places
Golden Ratio Voices
Golden Elixir Schools for learning sacred ecology,
ecopolitics of cooperativity
as geese form immigration journeys
as co-emigrant bilateral functions of democracy
riding winds back and forth above waters
washing streams of cooperative fertile time,
integrity of you and me
as spacetime wu-wei We,
sings Yang while Yin dances
through mutually enjoying gratitude,
singing grace
dancing rhythms
of EarthMother’s fire-circle ecstasy.

What are primal relationships
for continuing this troubling dance?
asked YinWater under YangWinds
revolving Sacred EarthTime
together integrity.


Paradise ReForested

Seeds, like mentors, are germinators.
Generation wears two faces,
as does development,
positive and negative,
regeneration and degeneration.

Some seeds are healthier than others.
Some are positively deviant, robust,
and others are negatively deviant, flawed,
missing an exegetical median mark,
some would see as sin,
which can be forgiven within oneself
by learning to forgive others
for our collective negative deviant seeds.

Bill Mollison exhorts us to a global therapeutic project:
Reforesting the Earth
is one of the few tasks
left to us
to express our humanity.

This feels true and right and good,
hopeful and prophetic and WinWin,
and yet mysterious and incongruous.
It raises questions,
like a good parable,
and wisdom literature in general.

I can think of a time within nation-state histories
and even extended family,
tribal development stories,
when some wise patriarch might have said:
Deforesting this place
is one of the few tasks
left to us
to optimize our divine-humane potential.

Did we really have to deforest
to develop a FiveStar FirstWorld Class
of healthy humane curiosity and deep ecological wealthy learning
to reforest this Earth
to re-express, and perhaps forgive ourselves,
for our own LeftBrain dominant historic development?

And, whether so or no,
was Original Forest logos
also Original Sin mythos?
Risk and opportunity,
degeneration and regeneration,
germinating potentials within each of Earth’s soils
and nondual mind-bodies
co-arising LeftYang-RightYin WinWin souls.

I wonder what Mollison means
by “one of the few” assignments.
And whom or what he believes left these therapeutic tasks
for our healthy-wealth fulfillment.

I like to think and feel perhaps few,
in a prime-relational sense,
is two;
that calculating deforesting harvest
is a reverse hierarchical face
of harmonizing reforestation,
a resonant full-octave restoration
of Paradise Lost
through LeftBrain dominance
over RightFlow relational resonance,

Of deductive deforesting as numerator
with inductive bilateral reforestation as re-denominator,
differential dialectal fractal-fractions
sung and danced through matriarchal herstories
of MotherEarth with consort Father Son,
dominant radiant Yes of Light
with reforesting harmonics
of dualdark EarthDay reforesting dawn
greeting EarthNight climate dusk.

Forests of seeds, like therapeutic acclimators, are germinators,
embryonic terminators
trending toward already forgiven regenerators.