Developing Wealthier Health

Although certified in generic
and organic Permaculture Design,
my design and therapeutic development practice
follows a Taoist Integral Design School
of secular and sacred health care,
public and private restorative justice
exterior ecosystemic peace
and interior, body-embedded

I work cooperatively
and hopefully compassionately
listening for nondualistic ego AND eco-political historical flow
of interdependent memory,
Left AND Right
Yang AND Yin bicameral ZeroZone intent.

All my clients,
nonviolent practitioners,
health care givers and receivers,
have been troubled by StraightWhiteMale (SWM)
privileged win/lose BusinessAsUsual (BAU)
monoculturally degenerating Earth-trends,

Where we would more resiliently prefer
polyculturally regenerative networks
in Zones Zero through Earth’s Timeless Infinity
of 4D revolutionary
Win/Win energy democracy space.

So, in our historical noticing,
our cooperative discovery of more nutritional needs and wants,
we identify ecological antecedents
as also our interdependent analogical consequents,
too monocultural.

Our historical/cultural roads
toward SWM
BAU segregated and unequal cultures
pass through sexism,
dualism (bad nature v good spirit),
patriarchalism (too not ecofeminist),
win/lose capitalism,
evangelicalism (elitist zealotry),
and corporatism v individualism
(not universal/unitarian intersectional)
yang v yin ZeroSum
eco-political competition,
debate more than dialogue
divestment more than co-investment
dispassion over compassion.

Each symptom
a different color of jaundice
rather than interdependent green-blue
ultra-nonviolet communion
of intersectional resonance.

studying healthy bicameral structures,
with less investment in pathological trauma,
unquenchable need to win/win belong
in a less xenophobic
and anthropocentric ZeroZone
double-binary monoculture
of internal and external bipolar
co-depressing trends,

Increasingly notice 20/20
thinking AND feeling
all these nutritional
political issues
as StrangeFruit
of LeftBrain deductive win/lose
either/or thinking
segregated from,
and sadly unequal to polycultural development
with right-hemisphere emotional-nurturing warm win/wins

copassionately contextual
Non ZeroSum double-binary
dipolar co-arising intelligence

Belonging with healthy polycultural outcomes,
regenerative more than win/lose degenerative,
love stronger than hate,
bilateral win/win incomes
cooperatively outgoing.

All of which
may be more easily conveyed

We invite our Ego and our EcoSystemic Intelligence
to become cooperatively mindful
not only of what we breathe,
but ecologically how
and psychologically when
and politically where
and theologically why
we breathe healthier wealth together.


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