Spring Dog and Falling Eagle

Spring Dog,
like any terrorist
I’ve ever not quite met,
not seen eye to eye,
not found knowable,
not fathomable,

Out to see the world
and form colonies
to feed his cancered Ego,

Taught his hungry disciples
that success
goes to those who push
most resiliently.

I have worked on fear
we are heading for a confrontation,
where Earth must win
and Spring Dog must

Earth’s journey
away from terror
and toward compassion,
experiences success
with those who cooperatively pull
toward nutritious multicultural resonance.

Spring Dog
dismisses EarthMothers
as too weak
and poor in Spirit,

Not yet realizing
His poor in Spirit
is Falling Eagle’s
rich in cooperative MotheringNature.

Summer Otter
mediates between these ways of seeing
slippery slopes toward owning Earth
encourage Spring Dogs
to treat EarthTribes,
and OtherWise,
as natural
secular resources,
owned domesticated elements for harvesting
to feed
and heat
his Winter Hawk nest,
for further capital-infestment

Further fueling Falling Eagles
to pull toward more cooperative


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