Exploring MidTerm MindBodies

Our minds play
an eisegetical game
transubstantiating our debating minds
translating our felt bodies
embodied contexts

Natural/Spiritual environments
felt and touched messages
spoken through ancient metaphoric narratives
sacred histories

egocentrically thoughtful

sacred polytheistically
outside reverence
for all born holy

And secular
patriarchal 1 above

And sacred ecopolitical
root chakra
sensory co-empathic
compassion circling 0 below

The capitalized One neck
lies polynomial lands
and polyphonic seas
of holy-centric eccentricity

Sacred matriarchal mystery
men-paused flow away from
great transitional Paradise
has been Retributive Justice
monotheistically lost
to those judged unredeemed

Since preverbal nature sounds
and nonverbal peace feelings
everyday unrenouned
inside healthy for ego-thrival
and outside verbal wealthy
for eco-systemic resilient safety,
not mere anthro-elitist despair
of win/lose zero-sum competition games
unraveling toward disrepair
like climate anxiety,
degenerative public health,
and deteriorating
distressed loss
into polarized unaware
of wasting depleted ecopolitical wealth,
Lose/Lose geno/eco-cide

The opposite proposition
of binomial
bi-regenerative ego/eco-conscious minds
seeking bicameral indigenous intelligence

Plays an eisegetical win/win
polytheistic sacred game
transubstantiating our anti-communion
dissociating anthro-elitist
LeftBrain dominant minds
translating our sacred sensory-neural
panentheistic conscious feelings

EgoMinds with EcoNeuroSystemic Beautiful Bodies
of elegantly embodied sacred context
profoundly rich environments resiliently felt
but not always win/win seen,
touched with active hope
but not always actually felt filled
with sufficient post-traumatic faith
but not always heard by others
or felt as energy
or even touchable

Like an ego-built mortal prison
and more like an EarthTribe prism
for metaphoric myths

Wise Old GrandMother Moon
Gaian Legends
evolving green EcoBioFeminists
polytheistically Golden Ruled
sacred EarthMothers

Our EarthTribe minds
play an eisegetical
hypothetical win/win game
transubstantiating our doubting
LeftBrain dominant minds
translating our body messages,
embodied neuro-sensory context,
environmentally felt and touched
as if by amused metaphoric
mused matriarchal magic

Those icky PatriarchalCapitalists
finally voted out of monoculturing
climate traumatizing
risk to public health resilience
and for losing win/win resonant healing peace

For legislative
and EarthTribe executive
and EarthMother judicial
restoring trust
for democratic healthy energy
and heart-felt compassion
for EarthReStorying Justice.


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