Greening Keys For Rusty Locks

Said the sacred green EcoFeminist
to the hard
and carnal red Patriarch:

If one’s only weapon
is a hard erectile key
then every perennial trauma
will seem to be a locked
and toxic vagina.

So it is
in monocultures,
where spirited nature
abhors a vacuum
as if pregnant wombs
were a personally disempowering
of indigenously natured
naturally sacred intention

For resiliently optimizing
multiculturing cooperative
integrally copulating
open poles for holes
1 through 0
systemic yang/yin spirits

monotheistic privileged worship
as if compulsive 1’s only tool
is a LeftBrain dominant verbal key

So every not perennial
non-0 zone win/lose deflowering problem
looks rationally Either/Or
and sounds Mine/Or-Thine
and yet smells fertile
as if a locked-up
integral womb
of polytheistic potential
awaits the princely pole
of holy peace.

Note: Inspired by, “Someone once wisely observed that if one’s only tool is a key, then every problem will seem to be a lock.”  Diane Ackerman, in “The Enchanted Loom”


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