When Wondering Why

When wondering why
Earth is
as S/He are

Follow green capital wealth,
he monopolistically advised
for playing more catastrophic
future win/lose games

And yet,
also lead to future win/win learning
with full-spectral
deep mindful
panentheistically organic
green vegetation nature,
and blue sky nurture,
and red skies at night nutrition

Dusky and well-moisturized
nonviolent communication
trauma-informed physically robust health
of a non-anthrosupremacist
nonverbal planet
invites cooperative metaphysical wealth
of a synergetic EarthTribe
unitarian experience

Currently wondering why
Earth is
as S/He are

Where two or three
green gift economies
and green polycultural ecologies,
and green empowering theologies
are thriving worldwide win

Start there to follow co-investments
and here to lead cooperative compassions
toward optimizing personal health
also includes restoring social wealth opportunities
to grow more elegant
and civil
and enlightened
and depolarized
and less stress-triggering

To integrate social
panentheistic capital growth outcomes
with red-is-right fisted trauma prevention
and reducing green climate desecration anxiety

Thereby planning to harvest
improved eco-political health care

And global co-empathic wealth
sacred soul and soil
and sea and seasons

CoPassionate green fragrances
and formed
and functioning

Flowing out past
win/win recognitions
intuited sacred grace

Health Yang-given out
Wealth Yin-received in
futures wondering why
Earth is
as S/He are


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