Dark Bright Light

Pain, loss, dissonance, decay,
pessimistic enculturing survivor’s under-heroic story
within the wilder winnings of optimistic history,

May ecologically coincide with interactive hope,
mutually-held faith already logosed at hand,
that peace with justice optimally encourage Win-Winners
through incarnation’s incubating life.

What have our children become
that we stand by to watch them
burn and bury their own still alive screaming
self-shredding skin within?

What have we become
that commerce does not even pause,
no unholy moment of awed silence,
no sensed horrific wonder.

Violent climatic voices continue charring,
keyboards continue clacking,
parents continue screaming,
corporate bells still ring out
competitive logistic assumptions,
industrious rhythms,
streaming cultural strings of power
without sufficient wisdom to Midway stop;
Yang with Yin in balance,
Positive with Not-Negative In-Formating imbalance.

Silent full breaths of boiling sorrow,
crucifying, purging innocent redeemers
with dying life awareness.

Blind aching deaths of anguish,
hoarding self-hatred,
radiating raging hate,
clutching competition to live,
too dissonant to bear,
too desperate to hear,
too cooperative with coincidental death.

What goes down dark, must rise up bright.

On Stealing the Light
to redeem our dark night.

A good runner leaves no track.
A completely cooperative relay race
leaves no marginal boundary remainders to trace.

A good speech leaves no flaws for attack.
An inclusively well-written position
leaves no constituent out for later opposition.

A good reckoner makes use of no counters.
A good logician makes use of no commodifiers.

A well-shut door makes use of no bolts,
And yet cannot be opened.
A well-being platform makes use of no bolts from eco-logic,
and yet can predictably rotate,
revolve revolution toward Universe as Open Systemic Relational Balance.

A well-tied knot makes use of no rope,
And yet cannot be untied.
A well-tied not makes use of no polynomial information string,
and yet cannot not be not rationally double-tied.

Therefore Wisdom is good at helping human nature
For reason does not reject nature.
Wisdom self-optimizes by redeeming things;
For that reason abused landfill substances evaporate,
with no one and no thing rejected.
–This is called regenerative enlightenment.

Therefore, the good is the Teacher of the bad,
And the bad is Mentor with double-negative good.

Competitors who do not value Teacher Nature
Nor love the mentoring optimetric prime function
Wander a pro-chaotic pay-off toward long-term entropy,
Though deductive-only learned Left-brain dominant
–Such is Right’s Yintuitive double-knotted secret bright.

Mutual EcoTherapists bid global good dream nights.


This piece is inspired by, and concludes with a responsive transposition of, Laotse’s “On Stealing the Light,”, pp. 156-7, Wisdom of Laotse, Modern Library, 1948, Lin Yutang, ed. I wonder aloud, both here and elsewhere, if early shamanic wisdom made no Post-Industrial Era distinction between human economic natural systemic positive intent and ecological nature’s systemic positive practice, as they observed the cooperative infrastructure of Sun’s fertile rays upon Earth’s photosynthetically-coincident-synergetic¬†farming skin.