Faith’s Rational Advent

I have no rational faith
that I can think of
or remember
much less full-will with full-intent comprehend,
of spiritual systems as progenitors
of natural systems

No faith in “God” as ProGenitor of DNA/RNA naturally fractal-syntaxed

No faith in exhaling purgative decomposition,
reductive pathological Evil and Death analysis of
mindbody experience
without prior appositional, dipolar
healthy wealth of information,
fractal strings of (0) soul dialectic
confluently optimized sensory reception
and responsive experience of healthy regenerative “God” is good
diastatic Beloved Climaxing Win-Win CoOperative Communication,
mutual-solidarity-subsidiarity reiterative
positive/negative co-gravitational enculturation intent.

I have rational bicameral faith
that we can each and all fully comprehend
as Positive-Left EgoYang = NotNotNegative-Right EcoYinYin.

Here, in this polymorphic metasystemic mindbody balancing space,
we may discover treasured wealth without walls
of cytosine-biocentric QByte/8-bit reverse hierarchical
+/(-,-) 0-binary, double-bound temporal,
binomial functional
normial fractal
formative eco-political balance ball
octave frequencies
of Earth’s co-gravitational balanced harmonics.

DNA Wisdom leads toward our dual destiny, divinely human.


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