Psalms 23: PermaCulture ReMix

As regenerate love is our EcoMentoring Shepherd Guide,
we shall not want
or fear any shortage of timelessness,
we are HereNow,
lacking nothing and no past or future time,
in organic self-perpetuating regenerative meadows
of deep green nutritionally healthy grass.

Earth Hosts our parasitic co-occupier evolution
along double-binding temporal flowing still waters
of revolving dialectical time,
Original Intent emerging toward polycultural outcomes.

EcoLogic guides us through therapeutic healthy life
v. pathological fear and angry self-hatred,
for the sake of regeneratively optimizing development
of MidWay balanced nutritional design
opportunities for health
invested in low risks
for further loss and waste.

Though we pass through this gloomy Great Transition,
we fear no harm
to our cooperatively synergetic nondual co-arising dipolar TransParent
DiaPraxis intended selves.

Within me
Right MindBody rods of bilaterally cogravitational time
as Left MindBody staff of bicamerally balancing normative guidance
are here now to co-guide each other
toward polycultural regenerative optimization goals,
to hearten us,
elate us,
CoPresence in Present us,
to notice eco-karmically graced us.

You prepare a PolyCultural Exterior Landscape
of Beloved Community design before me,
under the competing radar screens
of BusinessAsUsual Left-brain deductive dominance.

Earth anoints our mindbodies and cultures
with flowing positive nutrients
and pathological negative dysfunction,
our cup brims over
with polyculturing cooperative wealthy health.

Just show up, HereNow regeneratively ready,
how goodness and kindness co-hunt
our cooperative EcoSelf
through every angry-fearful past and future fissure,
every day and sleep-full-invested night
of our regenerative life;
our home,
the house of Earth’s ReGenerating Tribal DNA/RNA-Passionate EcoTime,
YHWH as (-)0-squared is to +1 binary
WinWin fractal-crystal eco-echo octaves,
singing External YangForm Convex
dancing Internal YinYin DoubleNegative ConCaving echo-mutual love
as ecoconsciousness CoPresent timeless bliss.


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