Revolving Holonic Scripture

Native American Blessing

May the Great Transition Spirit of Time
co-arisingly bless us,
our habitats,
those we love
riding within Time’s emerging Light
and those we remain challenged to love
with peaceful polycultural diastasis,
perpetually Climaxing Beloved Community,
interior ego within
as exterior eco-logosed without.

John’s Good News 3:16:
For ProGenitor ElderNature so co-gravitationally loved
Earth’s polyculturing Tribes,
that Earth’s Revolution-Transition Times gifted-forward
dialectical language,
mythos within logos,
accessible to our each and every regenerator sons and daughters,
so that all holonic EcoSelves
full investing in each cooperative Other,
already have diastatic consciousness
of timeless co-arising life
as love.

Great Transition-Revolution Spirit
co-arises cooperative pay-it-forward
grace of loving karma.


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