Rich Creative History

Why isn’t human history taught as part of our still evolving creation story?

How could our great ecopolitical drama not continually refine nutrients of language with ecosystemic regenerative functions,
as distinguished from sometimes toxic and dissonant understories of marginalization through monoculturally unsustainable anti-RNA/DNA systemic degenerative-trends?

Oh right, sometimes history lessons are enculturation.
Sometimes we even see history as the empirically deductively-derived teleology of scientific arts ourselves,
our method of learning and knowing how to talk about consciousness of changes through lifetimes,
our own maturation
from infant imagination through decrepitude of fracturing memories,
our family’s,
our beloved community’s,
our Earth’s
all ways of refining life historic times.

Are psychologists and ecotherapists already noticing our evolution of bicameral balance?
anthro DNA-syntaxed neural-development nutritional flow and power systems
as also our history of Earth’s eco-natural climate systems
domesticating too wildly competitive and aggressive and AnthroCentric supremacist ego
Type A all-Yang language dominating nature?

This creation story is an epic operatic journey
from embryonic RNA root–systemic health networks
and politically ecobalancing integrative guilds,
and nutritient-flow economic planetary ecologies of and for nutrition,
and lovely wisdom promising seasonally appropriate health,
positivity creation,
as in ecotherapeutic Positive Psychology’s (0)-zen-mindful soul
bicameral hearts made of ecopolitical cooperative strings
in rich deep multiculturally trending health-wealth systems.

square root-system fractal-balancing
dipolar appositional-bilateral neural tree branching river-quiver organic ecosystems,
regeneratively symbiotic embodied mindbody transubstantiating co-empathic revolutions,
bicamerally balancing LeftYang-RightYin
political with economic-logic health-trend enculturation.

Health enculturation
invites humane natural bicameral balance
as “domesticating-health-balance” of DNA’s AnthroCentric self-reiterative tendencies,
cultural addiction to evolving our language and values among our self-perpetuating ego-anthroselves,
supremacist pathologies, anti-inclusive ecologies,
anti-multi-cooperative overwhelming monocultural climates of growing rabidity,
where two notnot yins wu wei domesticate, mutually digest-empath-attend-intend toward dipolar balance,
Yang’s regenerate Yes!
synaptic bilateral ecoconsciousness of our happy abundance
of (0)Empty TaoTime as timeless Interdependent bicameral bright polypathic lights inflaming co-elational NOW,
at last
at last,
our day this timeless Zero-sum now,
as We have always been, so Divine We become ecopolitically,
DNA with RNA EarthChildren for Divine HealthRights=Humane WealthOptimization Left Solidarity,
regenerate becoming now,
ecopolitically together,
not flying apart,
synergetic integrity,
not pathological disintegrity,
Reverse double-negative-bind,
notnot polypathically syncretic consilience,
multiculturally paradigmatic,
zen-zero positive psychology enthymematic
ecopolitical empathic trust,
co-gravitating co-arising light,
breathing in,
breathing out,
beating down and in diastolic,
repeating up and out notyet-notpast diastatic balance,
uracil/thymine, like internal landscaped climates of time, yinning in,
cytosene bilaterally yanging
double-bind optimizing
light-squared balance out,
as in,
as down,
as forth,
as nutritionally ingesting,
politically empowering,
as ecologically sacred-yummy.





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