EarthTribe’s Climate Manifesto

We are that we are becoming together.

To and for
and with
each embryonic-creation,
and each ego’s habitat and mindbody properties,
tools and information,
functional frequencies of healthiest is best use,
therefore economically and politically highest,
on a scale from lead through gold.

Ego lead-identity,
with BiCameral Balanced EcoConscious ZeroZeny Soul
emerges Eco’s GoldLogical Rule.

To get our Lead out
of Golden alchemical Rules of EcoLogic
is to replace Ego MindBody incarnating fearful angry identity dominance
with EarthTribe DNA/RNA EcoPolitical Solidarity.

WildRobbering allies
Brezsny Breezing research cooperative assistants
in Earth’s Truth as Beauty Lab,
associate small LeftBrain dominant PlanB Ego-Deduction
of Earth’s Paranoid SunGod
to re-associate CoArising NonDual Right Brain PlanA,
EcoLogical ProNoic-noetic
bilateral-temporally revolving Gaia,
4-seasoned with Her regenerative wisdom Story,
intelligent growth and decay nutritional information
bicameral DNA-fractal confluence
surrounded by commodifying
domesticating dissonant restraints
of Earth’s climatic nature,
culturing nurture,
Gaia’s Creation Story
as Ego’s self-imaged embryonic enculturation history,
sending messages out toward future ecotherapeutic regenerators,
turning leaded Ego’s
toward EcoEgo Balance,
BiCameral Golden Rules and Ratios,
Elixir SquareRooting fractal-zero primal functions
of DNA/RNA Revolutionary Solidarity,
heat as light
cold as night
neural growth prime mindbody informational function,
Golden Rule of Time’s Great Transitional UnFolding.

Golden Proportion life prevails
or Time’s leaded enculturation fails.

We are a LeftBrain dominant people,
learning to measure our co-empathic potentiated biological side,
our bicameral mindbody ecosystems,
with both endo- and ecto-symbiotic permaculture equivalency
of design and revolutionary regenerative purpose.

We are EcoGestalt ReVolutionary Events,
both continuous and discontinuous
CoMemories conjoining one universal holonic,
ecologically systemic,
cooperatively political and economic
regenerating rich deep norms,
dense polycultural resolutions,
originators, designers of Time’s dialectic measures,
emerging toward (0)Riginal PolyNomial Balancing Intent
with Poly(0)MegaPathic EnCulturing Health-Praxis,
in revolutionary solidarity with all RNA thru DNA
syntax-fractal BioSpeciating Open EcoEarthSystem Designers
of each EarthDay.

We are bicameral ecoconscious revolutions
growing in evolutionary continuity
thru resonant confluence
within as without Left-as-Right MindBody
balancing cooperative incorporated incarnated
polypathic harmonies,
each Ego singing our unique dialect
of one Permaculture Opera,
a Golden Creation Story of LeadasDread Climatic Transitional Events.


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