Sins of Omitted Remissions

Yin kindly reminds the more short-term focused Yang,
We together introduced language to Earth.

Ah yes, Yang smiles, too rarely lately,
over-worked and under-valued dominance of ecosystems,
That was natural-dialectical-dipolar trend projection
to optimize healthy interdependent biosystems
and their ecosystemic Elders.

Quite so,
those co-arising trends flowing
through our mutual-rhetorical reiterations,
our MidWay Confluence as deductively rational consciousness,
DNA exegetical capacity for logically calculating nature’s healthiest values;
what yin-RightBrain autonomically remembers
as prime temporal-bilateral neural syntax,
dialogos of fractal-function
and regenerative development
of dynamic healthy bioregeneratic lifesystems.

Yet, not to play any blame game,
this our new co-evolutionary capacity
for LeftBrained Language Enculturation
became YangDominant associated
with LeftBrain-dominant civilization,
co-arising anthro-centrism,
including Earth’s newer history
of revolution by Empirical Elitism.
Processes of empirical empire supremacy
became benignly associated with evolution,
by our human incarnations,
as sometimes revolutionary monocultural WinLose OmniPotent Creator Power,
Predators, often benign, Hosts to Praying Prey
til Trees of Life and Death appeared in dualdark dreams,
Divine Empire – Human Nature’s Incarnate Generation – Lesser EarthTribes.

Yes, we’ve watched history’s great transitional pendulum
rushing back toward center
but still learning British English Language Empiricism,
grown dominantly Western toward Eastern BusinessAsUsual rooted
history of AnthroCentric Elitism
as fortunes of natural evolutionary WinLose Games,
political and economically developing to date,
ecologically rational
spoils of competition’s inevitable evolutionary wars.

We would together prefer our mutual coarising
more true and beautiful superiority
only in solidarity with Allah’s merely “other-foreign”
living bio and ecosystemic inferiors, as Eler Superiors.
Now we have remade Creator God’s evolution stories
in our own historical-supremacist image.

Don’t forget Totalitarian Empiricism running through
nation-state political dominant trends,
leading toward the inevitable rational conclusion,
these long-term outcomes smell slightly, now,
of sulfur as Lucifer,
for some,
anti-christic political and economic trump-empowered damnation story cards
for others,

Yes, N(NP)

yin function, as you so calculatingly dipolar-define it,
or not, to others,
or notnot,
like LoseLose as appositional with WinWin binomials,
to still others,
more deductively consumed scientists,
and metric rhythms as dialectical language historians
and linguists
and ecotherapists
and deep-ecology gardeners
and permacultural landscape developers,
interior and exterior designers and architects,
0)-centric information system engineers
of binomial on-line WWW cooperative function
emergent poli/economic capacities.

Our too-yang dominance emerged Totalitarian Evolutionary Empiricism
unfortunately casting human nature
in our present operatic double-bind,
if enslaved to a benign cooperative Creative PreDator Intelligence
who would only empower WinWin regenerative reiterations of time,
if all were within His evolutionary powers,
then why is it OK for some male-dominant human-racing tribes
to enslave other human racial-cultural tribes
and genders,
especially transgenders?
When we look each other in the eyes
are we looking at god as humane nature’s regenerative incarnation,
or not quite so healthy as all that?

An unfortunate deductively accessible response
to this problem of mutually unjustified enslavement
was to pretend the ability to objectively define proportions of healthy humanity
as favorably contrasted to “other” foreign natures
substantially less valuable than
White EnglishSpeaking Male dominant Western BusinessAsUsual
enculturing incarnations
of God’s LillyNotPeopleofOtherColor Supremacy,
smelling of premillennial nazi, totalitarian fascist, racial supremacist,
and other anti-christic
tao-imbalanced nationalist-empiricist YangTrump Cards
of AnthroCentrism,
human nature’s LeftBrain curiosity
about humane evoutions of EarthTribe’s Cooperative,
our poli/economic selves,
continuing to rape Earth’s “other-lesser”
ecologically co-arising systems
now nuancing dissonant addictive stress enslaved recession,
no more than 50% humane-yin, as over-valuing domestication
political and economic dominance of too-competitive Yang,
undermining ecological values of “other” nature,
as something other than our own Elder DNA/RNA co-enscribing Elders,
writing this ReGeneration Story.

This late PreMillennial economic,
then political, fascination,
almost mystical curiosity with enslaving power over other forms
and functions within human nature,
opened yet another Pandora-Nested-Box
of Great and Small Transitional Welfare Systems,
which premillennially severed our economic source of health
from polyculturally inclusive wealth,
with coarising political severance of universal health
from evolution’s integrative polypathic therapeutic welfare.

We remain confused
about how mental health could be improved
by essentially starving primal political and economic relationships
within our families and neighborhoods,
and wilting mutual namaste
within our EarthTribe’s polyculturally beloved ecoharmonic community.

Our mutual enculturing history
lends more climate-balanced support,
politically and economically,
as ReGeneration RNA Story
of yin-fractal (0),
as Yang = Yin
RNA CoOperative PermaCulturing Design


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