Primal EcoPolitical Choice

Paranoia feeds on dark roots.
In full bloom, everything and everyone that happens against me
happens for a sinister conspiratorial reason.
This is my felt conjecture,
to which I am compelled to respond
by struggling against trust
in Other’s monopolistic monocultural Wins,
so I might survive to nakedly win
yet another scrappy day of paranoia.

Pronoia feeds on everything and everyone
not out to get me
but more in to let me
happen for a blessed season
with which I am invested to resonate,
including my fair share of struggling with,
but not against,
my WinLose enculturation
so we might thrive to mutually WinWin
yet another multiculturing
Beloved Community Way.

This is our primal ecopolitical choice,
Both-And over Either-Or,
made each moment in time’s evolving articulation
deep learning incarnation
of days and nights
within this ecopolitical identity,
risk with opportunity,

But, even should this become postmillennial political science,
let us not delude ourselves into a hypnotic state of academic neutrality,
ambivalently pretending either choice is equally healthy,
when outcomes are so clearly etched in exegetical stone of climatic history.

Love’s mutual promise clearly points toward evolutions of multiculturally embracing healthy wealth,
while fundamentalist paranoid terror favors ecopolitical suicide,
afraid of our anthro-supremacast dark shadows.


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