Seeking 2020 ReVision

My son, nearly twenty,

living at home while attending community college,

without prospects of healthier, more robust, alternatives,

believes it is now past time

for pollsters to cast aside their neutral professional agendas

and play a more positive role

in educating this co-invested international polity.


So, ask not just Who are you voting for?

but first, try

Of the nominees for President and Vice President,

and Governor and Senator,

and so on,

of these United States,

in which your grandchildren’s children

will see the day when one out of every four people

now living in coastal regions

will evacuate their homes and places of employment

before they return to the sea,

not just because we did not care enough

to slow down our oil burn rate

but also because we planted herds of cows

without reforesting today’s climate pathologies;

given all of the above

which Nominees for these public ecopolitical offices

do you believe will be most helpful

for these next 7-generations of EarthTribe?


Which nominees will you vote for

because they are in your grandchildren’s best long-term economic

and politically ecological,

and just plain healthy and safety and security and happiness interests?


Which Nominee do you believe is the greatest risk

for continuing current climate and Earth-landscape monocultural pathology trends

toward further un-polypathic mistrust,

collective paranoia exhibiting rabidly nihilistic

and competitively terrifying anti-ecological

Business As Usual?


Which nominees for Public Health Defense and Security Office

do you believe would also be strong candidates

for mentoring and facilitating regeneratively healthy outcomes

as CEO for Global Public Health Optimization,

Secretary for All EarthLives and Deaths Matter Education,

Chief Guru for Environmental Health Defense

and Global Nutritional Security,

Secretary of EarthTribe Habitat

and ReGenerative EcoPolitical as EcoLogical Development?


Thank you so much for your healthy and mindful responses now,

and in your GoGreen! voting booth.


So, to all who both did and did not vote

in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election,

would you mind responding to my son’s questions?

about your active hopes for Presidents

and Vice Presidents,

and their likely Secretary of EarthRights State,

so we might all revisit

our evolutionary Golden Rule Constitutional Convention,

review how we have been treated

with healthy kindness and pathological unkindness,

by Earth’s ecoconscious regenerative ecology,

to date 2020

seeing with full polypathic bicamerally balanced revision

of LeftBrain dominant ecopolitical premillennial history

reifying politically cooperative nutritional health from ecologically evolving wealth

of regenerative nurturing co-empathic trust

of/for EarthTribe’s full Left/Right


WinWin wu wei ecopolitical

cooperatively co-empathic ego/eco 2020 consciousness.


One thought on “Seeking 2020 ReVision

  1. Janet Tanner says:

    Rather than asking questions, let’s do something NOW to deal with the immediate crisis of having an Alt-right leader in the cabinet not to mention all the other threats to our environment, safety and well being. The best way to fight our new white supremist, narcissitic, sexual predator, ego maniac dictator in chief elect is to hit back where he is most vulnerable… his business empire.
    . One thing all the people targeted by his racist, bigoted, xenophobic vitriol (which is everyone except straight white males) can do is to organize large groups to peacefully and legally stand outside his ostentatious businesses and hotels and shame any patrons from entering. Businesses that vocally support him can be boycotted like New Balance, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget that the MAJORITY of Americans who voted did NOT vote for him so there is plenty of PEOPLE POWER to fight back. This is a national crisis and we owe it to future generations to do what we can to fight this trajic turn of events. We shouldn’t have to explain to our children who the word ALL refers to when we pledge our allegience to one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.

    Maybe he can be goaded in to responding in such a way that makes it impossible for the electoral college to confirm his election or for Congress to be forced to impeach him.


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