GrandMother Tree

Miracles of GrandMother WinWin Tree
begin with her purgative peaceful birth.
For at this time,
so long before her cycling rings of time began,
we see her original seed
and this seed’s less original composting environment,
and within this brief timeless moment,
before her WinWin becoming,
these each appear to decompose LoseLose into each other,
yet fertilely so,
beginning GrandMother Tree’s long waging of peace-filling rings,
recycling time’s historic four fractal-dialectic seasons
of regenerativity.

Once begun LoseLose zero-sum balancing,
GrandMother revolves through days and nights
emerging relentless WinWin creolizing root systems
of zero-sum regenerativity.
For each new ring another year of cooperative becoming.
Mostly cooperative,
and only minorly competitive,
or becoming decays to no longer being,
yet even this continuous transition
is not equivalent to springing back to prior springs.
She cannot go home again
because she carries her original home
within her still small skeletal seed regenerating within,
speaking of past purgations and migrations
yet all while extending further rooting down
ever richer deeper cooperative
health-seeking WinWin system sensors.

And so, at last,
GrandMother Tree begins to fade from Yangish life
toward Yin-emptying death.
Whether fast, through uprooting hurricane,
or slow, through slowing drying aging defense/offense loss of balance,
her woody organs disintegrate
creating creole compost perfect for her seeds
and, even more richly,
for seeds of her adult children,
now become intrinsic to
her densely rich WinWin forested environment.

Her forest floor
each spring
producing LoseLose metamorphic creolizations
of seeds and composts
remembering each WinWin peace-filling other
GrandMother Tree winds and voices reweaving nutrients of time
as regenerative ecopolitical space
still system rooting for waging peace,
ever more cooperative.

Waging LoseLose war
prefers competitive discontinous imbalance,
as waging WinWin peace requires root systems
of cooperative continuous balance.


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