DisIntegrating Apostacy

Integrity of Healthy Wealth

You have heard it said
Turn your swords into plowshares.

We, both Left and Right, echo that to add
Turn from planting bombs and bullets and barbs
to planting trees, and shrubs and carbon-infested fibers.

If our problem is too extreme climate change,
Our resolution is to plant trees, not bombs,
plant shrubs, not refuge-denying international shrugs,
plant and re-invest carbon, not climate runaway,
through cooperative multi-enculturing capital values,
not egocentric hoarding pathologies.

Does this sound like Republican apostasy?

Apostatize–to depart from exegetically nurturing integrity.

Hypostatize–to treat and/or regard as a distinct substance
or reality.
Antonym: Creolization

To democratically domesticate is to creolize by bringing together
what was LeftBrain deductively taken apart.

Domesticate: To matriarchally train and mentor for humane cooperative purposes;
exclusive of patriarchal hoarding and/or self-indulgent divestment from Earth’s cooperative economy.

Capturing and Hoarding (aka LeftBrain Piracy): Sins of long-term degenerative hoarding,
loss of nutritional flowstream,
dissonant egocentric choices with WinLose assumptions
where ego/eco-systemic WinWin options are bilaterally apparent.

Matriarchal AntiThesis:
CoOperative WinWin GaiaGame Hypothesis:
Carbon/capital re-invesment in global domestication
is dynamically equivalent to
WinWin healthy-wealth root systems
of and for nutritional values v pathological disvalues.

To LeftBrain hypostatize
is to RightBrain creolize
as revolution is to evolution,
as totalitarianYang is to domesticatingYin
as patriarchal dualism is to matriarchal co-gravity
as positive space is to double-binding WinWin bilateral time.

We need to comprehend
as of yesterday,
if not earlier,
a profound ecotherapeutic difference
between hypostatizing YangLeft and YinRight dualistically bipolar,
mutually repellent [EitherLeft/Orright deductive dominance]

And creolizing Yang with Yin nondually dipolar,
co-arising as co-gravitating [Both/And inductive intuition].

Just as absolute Yangpower corrupts absolutely,

So too, absolute love, creolizes integrity, syncretically,
zero-sum polypathically,
cooperative nutritionally
health as wealth of regenerate value,

Integrity’s creolic key toward climate health,
internal and external,
psychological and political and economic and ecological,
is to look at how we cooperatively reinvest in carbon catchment
and disinvest of carbon exhaust,
of competitive breath.
WinLeft/LoseRight sub-optimal thinking.

But, the same could be said of water
and oxygen
as breath
and love and integrity its creolizing,
rather than hypostatizing,
co-arising interdependent selves.

LeftBrain hypostatizing domination of history,
when we could also be RightBrain creolizing her domesticating democratizing creation story,
is rooted in egocentric WinLose hypocrisy,
denial of immediate and continuously interdependent co-responsibility
for who we already healthy are
and whom we are not cooperatively wealthing,

As long as our LeftBrain enculturation lords it over a lower class,
We are all RightBrain poor.

As long as we recognize a LeftBrain criminalizing element,
We are all RightBrain outside our moral-normative fertile fold.

As long as we capture and hold prisoners
for their further degeneration,
We are, none of us, optimally free
to enjoy our multiculturally becoming sweet spot.


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